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Change the way

Today a thing occurred. In the afternoon, mom and dad white white white, three people go to the gym membership card in a spacious reception area, white mother in the fill material, white sitting in a white father was naughty, there is also a membership consultant in the guide to fill in a form, registration,Air Force One Sale Chinese much criticized, payment and so on.
White dad suddenly arms White said: you are not with this uncle say hello? Call uncle. Fun white, suddenly smiled, looking at the staff of an eye, not to say hello. White dad is not willing: call uncle OK! You're pretty best? See uncle aunt grandma and grandpa, are very polite? White or not willing to, look like not willing to accept others' persecution.
Just sitting on daddy's arms, utter not a single word. White dad said: we just say to eat cheese, but because you have no manners, so later I just take my mother go to eat. "Very upset, angry said: I do not play with you! I don't you! I only play with mother! I'm not your best friend! The whole event, white mom beside them.
But no blending. Bai Ma completed the form, go to the cashier, white and dad then, stationAt a checkout stand beside. White is still not happy, white father still remember eating cheese. White mother squat down with white said: you and dad? White holding the mouth, with a tearful: Daddy is a liar, he said he didn't run after me, then I will chase after me.
(the little guy trying to change the subject) Bai Ma said: if it's not so, you tell mom and Dad, you how? White eventually escape this problem, low head: Dad took me to eat cheese, 555 white mother continued to ask: why don't you take your father eat cheese? Because of my father say you have no manners? White head: not.
(also want to lie?) white mother ask: is it right? Dad let you talk to the uncle say hello, you don't want to? White mother's head in the past, the small mouth at mother's ear,, quietly say: Yes, but you don't tell it to Dad, don't tell anyone, okay? White mom to call in my arms, in white ear quietly said: not lying children is a good child, mistakes can correct children is a good child, "be a good boy? Small white or with mother whispered: I want to be a good child.
White in white ear:So, while we leave you here, with the uncle aunt goodbye, we make a polite child, okay? "Happy little head white father sat, with white mother winked, meaning is asked, whispering. White mother will certainly not when a white on the surface, our secret out slightly.
When things, &quot,Adidas Wings, we leave together, white with checkout two aunts, and the membership consultant, respectively, said goodbye, called uncle aunt. Out of the gym doors, white went to the father and says: my name is uncle aunt, I correct a mistake, I still good boy! White father picked up the white, two people happy to open a small train.
So, sometimes change a way, the effect may be better. As mentioned above, we do two fitness card, and the white father, together with the two, selection in the white English school next door, which can have two weekly fixed period of time, the shuttle mice two hours,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce, can go to the activities.
I hope we can insist. Bought a Fissler manual eggbeater, wanted to change an eggbeater, before the electric, always feel the power don'tEnough, did not think of a pure manual, ha ha. In order to confirm
that the manual eggbeater can beat the egg whites to rigidly sent, I in the mall also ask the waiter to provide an egg, on-site hands-on experiments, that I really can use manual whisk egg whites! Today
would be a cake experiment,Nike Air Force 1 High, can not be said hundred percent success, however, has been much better,Nike Air Force 1 Premium Happy 777 team! Finish a, immediately we were eating,, Yan Yiqing did not eat enough, quarrel even a, then again in the

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