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Classic. ` ` ` come to see that!!!

Laugh to the computer is almost blown down by 1, HH really bowl fell, day big scar 2, a literary evening party, the host go on stage to announce: please enjoy the following: song and dance in Xinjiang, bring about you skull! With one's hair standing on end 3, tiger not hair cat, you when I was 4, on critically ill! During high school, classroom discipline chaos, teacher angry picked up XXX, said: "XXX, you give me the station on the wall! The Bao Han 5, once I was driving,, sitting next to me the female colleague asked abruptly: " how do you drive without wearing condoms? " 6, I: that is our physics teacher student: what the.
..? I: Chemical... 7, in Internet cafes, a student suddenly raised, shouting: " " 8, teacher! Our dormitory a person drunk to pee and then bring out a cold words: urine drinking too much wine, particularly 9, buy oranges.
, the boss: a five one kg. I: too expensive, the five block of Qian San Jin. Boss: No. 10, a friend asked me the computer configuration, I said display screen. (wanted to said liquid crystal), 11 junior middle school literary evening party, rob to answer link.
The hostess: " everyone attention,, do not steal too fast. I finished my words beginning in the hands of " then began to read, say, " now... " at this time, a player can answer. The host said " the students too anxious a little.
I l was r (shit) is the mouth, how can you grab the " 12,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, heard a MM called &quot in the canteen; give me a bowl of viper &quot ~,The back end of this 444, your oral English is definitely not a problem ~ ~!; 13, go to school when one day a call for my classmates after handed me said: " your mother * *.
" while I took the phone will suikou said: " male female " everyone laughing I was laugh 4 years 14, students of high school students (boys) walked into the Museum's cool hair toss: " the boss, 2 two onions do not line! " finished with one: " more rice! &quot: " boss;.
... do you want the noodles or onions?? " 15, have a bedroom. Mom called me to say he is not in the habit of " ", but this time I want to say is that &quot has gone out; " the results say is: " he has h's " 16, GG handed me a sorbet, bite me: &quot.
; hot die me! " 17,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, and my sister go to buy a shoe lining, my sister is an opening: " miss, this shoe number one catty? " 18, onceMy roommate in the stomach, she said loudly: " don't shoot,Nike Air Force One, my stomach have a piss.
" 19, high school each send a breastplate.. once to check before the class went to the classroom, shout, we quickly put the bra wearing has come, to Chala.. all in perfect silence... 20, school weekend home,I will be brave enough, to do my own, after dinner smoking made excuses, intend to go for a walk.
Changes a shoe in the doorway, dad asked me why go? I casually said: " go for a cigarette! &quot results from me; dad found a pack of 555 K, gave me a lesson. 22 high school has one teacher,Leo has what characteristic, surnamed
Jiang, like Law Ka Ying (played by lying West Tang), I ask him questions, escape one's lips: " Tang, this problem hh" 23, with a colleague, there are days driving down the road I had a flat tire,
ask where has an inflatable, colleagues said: " street everywhere on the abortion! " 24, have a teacher about all night mahjong, see the blackboard doesn't rub, bate: " today who do not

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