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Su Shi's literati painting view of two problems

In 2004 September sixthvolume fifth issue of Journal of Southeast University ( PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION ) Journal of Southeast University ( Philosophy and Social Science ) Sep.
2004 Vol16No15Su Shiview two Cheng Ming earthquake ( Southeast University Department of art ,Jiangsu, Nanjing 210096 ) Su Shi ;literati painting; new idea ;program ;the purpose of taste Based on the sue try about art thought comparative analysis of data from the history ,we can clarify some vague understanding ,&quot ;new idea to program in &quot ;and &quot ;the United States often salty sour beyond &quot ;Su Shi scholar painting thought in two important ways.
of 20 J literature code 16712511article numberX ( 2004) received 2003- 12- 16Abstract the Cheng Ming earthquake ( 1968 m) ,male ,associate professor of Southeast University art ,calligraphy ,Capital Normal University Research Institute ,research direction :Painting and calligraphy art .
Su Shi in literature and calligraphy .Achievement is worth affirmation ,but painting perspective, Su Shi was considered an innovative painter is questionable. If we from his paintings and art ideology ,can see, Su Shi Aesthetic thought of literati painting of the impact is enormous ,far more than his artistic charm ,in spite of its painting theory there is only a word or two ,but are glittering the light of wisdom .
Because of Su Shi theory of art thought can be seen in his inscriptions and poems on paintings ,even at that time and later on the comprehension and use of generation misunderstanding, for example :&quot ;the painting to the shape, in childhood neighbor &quot ;abuse ,is a typical example.
The correct understanding and evaluation of Su Shi literati painting view ,for the study of Su Shi in the rise of literati painting and the development of the role, has many implications. Su Shi view from the following two aspects of understanding and grasping the skill .
Two into new to the program :Su Shi had left many poems on paintings and inscriptions ,his art aesthetics mainly through the show ,including Fengxiang eight view ?Wang Wei Wu Daozi painted a poem ,to Wang Wei Wu Daozi ,the two painting evaluation has always been later considered Su Shi the scholar painting thought main viewpoint ,namely &quot and &quot ;his Wu ;literati painting theory.
The full text is as follows :where to visit Wu Hua ,universal door open with the Kaiyuan .Yuan Wei East Tower ,left hand marks. I view the painting in two ,when the statue. Michiko is male ,Hao Haibo .
When the storm quickly start ,pen to gas has been swallowed .Kingston double forest ,halo in the Fuso .To people on Shantideva, realize person escape my fans hand from stroke .
Pretty gentleman ghost million ,phase discharge unexpectedly into the head such as soft-shelled turtle population .This poem was old ,Chi Xi Fangsun .This concept of this wall ,if it is clear and London .
Gion disciple as crane bone ,heart without rewarming. In front of two Cong Zhu ,snow day cream root penetration .To offset the leaf litter move numerous ,one one can find its source .
Although Wu Sheng is superb ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,Utah to the painting theory. The population in the images ,such as the immortal quill Xie cage .I view the two sons all God Jun ,also in Victoria also Lianren without words.
( P. 711 )here ,Su Shi in Wu Daozi and Wang Wei at the same time ,more appreciation of Wang Wei was like the poetic pursuit .Notably ,Su Shi was twenty-six years old at the time of writing this poem Yu Fengxiang house and office ,is the universal door and Kaiyuan Wu Daozi and Wang Wei frescoes tasting ,his speak without restraint and &quot ;the &quot to poetry painting ;extreme words ,first by his brother Su Zhe on his set ,in Luancheng to Su Shi in Fengxiang Eight view ?Wang Wei Wu Daozi a poem by &quot &quot ;his curb Wu ;theory ,proposed own viewpoint :I view the world ,everything is the same reason .
Also the derived flat wheel ,but read the text .I draw normal school ,I also know painting .Brave but need not be the same ,to with the good ear .Strong horses and with Pinglu ,steps and Centurion name .
Beauty meek Shou leisure only ,do not appear in door long rhythm .my girl to smile ,the horse can once addressed in May ,from Yong self-improvement ,respective wins without each other.
Who says Wang Wei ,but Wu Daozi tries .That line ,the female with from soft beauty. Line U-turn refused to be ,just ,I have enough self .Male ran without loss of Chi ,is very exquisite .
He considered when students of leisure ,maid ,non complex and not contrary to .Ding Ning ,the two son of tooth two remains today .Many valuable ?Shenyang superoxide can only ,but Gu Bi Chang Jian ,although the plot is often not destroy dust Guangyan .
( P 711 ~712)in his younger brother a convincing refuting evidence, Su Shi has already begun on the &quot ;his suppression of Wu of comprehensive reflection of &quot ;Wu Wang .In the quality of ,since Fengxiang after he did not keep his suppression of &quot ;Wu &quot ;on the contrary ,respect ,&quot ;Wu was become he and consistent view ,and this view is increasing every year ,this is also because of his own youth about extreme a regret &quot ;.
( P. 124 )came out on the following Su Shi Wu Daozi painting appreciation text :knowledge creation ,God of the Yan ,people also .Gentleman in science ,Baigong to technology ,since the three generation especially after the Han Dynasty and the preparation of the poem for Du Zimei ,this paper do.
As for Han Tuizhi ,as for the Yan Lugong book ,painting as Wu Daozi ,and ancient and modern variations ,the world can be passed .Michiko painting figures ,such as lights and shadows ,inverse to shun to Pangjiancechu ,transverse and oblique ,straight ,the multiplication and division .
The number is not a natural difference ,new to the law ,,to send excellent reason to bold .Maneuver leeway ,be skillful ,cover and a person. I draw him or not will have its name ,the line ,looking to know its authenticity is also rare .
But there are real ,as Shi Quanshu reservoir, life cover one or two .Yuanfeng eight years October 7th book .( volume sixtieth ) by the painting by Wu Daozi &quot ;Wang and know its true &quot ;knowable ,Fengxiang to Wu Hua after Su Shi had thorough research ,and made close to History of the fair evaluation.
In fact ,from Su Shi artistic career and the development of aesthetic thought ,he is very attached to the skill training .In addition ,Su Shi Book Yan Ling Wang main thin paint branch two song there was later a twist .
And original : one of the painting to the shape, see and children neighbor .Poems will this poem, a poem book knowledge poet .All day ,and pure and fresh. A vivid sketch edge ,Zhao Changhua .
What so two pieces of thin ,with fine uniform .Who made a little red ,send the boundless solution spring .The thin bamboo such as shadows ,Who is' the toad style of Kwan Lun school 'nemesis Supplement ,the quiet flowers such as virgin ,more branches sway bird ,flower rain .
Double Ling decided to play ,the leaf not the bootstrap .Poor flowers bee honey ,Qing sent two shares. If one day Qiao ,spring into without paper .Suspension Zhijun to poetry, send sound and witticisms .
( volume eleventh ) if we are on it two poems to conduct a comprehensive study and comprehensive investigation, will be in the literati painting theory is Su Shi a fair .From the poem we can see,I thought you fell in love with my soul. - Bobo love's blog - the focus of Blog, the king registrar painting traditional flower ,is not the later road does not speak the shape of literati painting and ink play ,due to the rain ,the flowers play branches ,flowers habitat birds ,bees and other specific image detail description ,Through the &quot ;double Ling will be ,the leaf not bootstrapped &quot ;instantaneous dynamic capture and portray, to express the author in the spring time ,the lively nature in a fresh ,pleasant feeling .
Because Wang Registrar can draw and the poetry, so he can give other artists to draw the unusual flower theme with a fresh interest .Su Shi here said the &quot ;poetry books are ,TG and &quot fresh ;,is through the appreciation of Wang registrar has a quality suggestive of poetry or painting two specific works of poetry and communicated to reveal this general rule .
Apparently ,Su Shi &quot ;and the painting to the shape of &quot ;this poem is not from the original poem ,it to be separated, can not be separated from the king registrar this two piece and the specific content of the Northern Song Dynasty painting techniques and development of specific historical situation ,but any explanation for the later scholar painting that looks down a proposition.
Therefore ,we believe that ,although Su Shi &quot ;I made this book to &quot ;language,Nike Air Force 1 Low the child, but because its writing ,painting ,as the book is necessary to laws and rules. In this issue ,Su Shi heart and hand to express ,he in writing and drawing ?said Valley intermedium bamboo note :&quot ;however ,both the mind so Not natural ,and not a heart ,not quite ,not to learn too .
&quot ;Su Shi put the matter as an artistic object category ,that the artist &quot ;&quot ,describe objectively ;but the thing itself is not the artistic image,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme, artistic image is &quot ;in &quot ,then &quot heart ;hand ;in the shape of &quot ;reflect the results .
And the heart ,the relation between form and spirit and relationship between phase through art ,such as in his book of Li Boshi villa said: villa or :Wyrmrest koji for map ,so that later into the mountain ,foot and one letter ,such as road ,see the dream to see the mountains ,such as the past .
Stephen stone plant know without asking its name .In the name of the fishermen ,not general .This is proved not to forget who even? Said : No .Painting days often suspected cake ,not forget the day .
Not to drink drunk in dreams no nose ,toe .One ,the ,is not strong and recording .The householder in the mountains ,leaving in a material ,so the gods and beings ,their wisdom and hundred workers .
Although ,there are arts ,have without art ,material is shaped in the heart ,is not in my hands .Taste see koji as Kegon phase ,are intended to build ,with the Buddha .The Buddha said ,Buddhist paintings ,if a person ,situation Since the see ? ( P.
4184 )from Su Shi to Wu Daozi ,Wang Wei ,more than this ,Li Mian and inscriptions ,he inherited a large number of Laozhuang ,and also on the basis of reference to Confucianism, and formed its own artistic and aesthetic thoughts ,as Su Zhe in the works Su Shi epitaph in the beginning of a good book ,Lu Zhi Jia Yi :ancient and modern ,on order ,not words.
Then read Chuang-tzu ,the manner of sighing sighs :&quot ;I was in ,export to say ,see this Chuang-tzu may my heart be &quot ;but also ,doctrine of the mean .on his subtle ,all the ancients not described .
HH after reading as book ,Shenwu reality ,ginseng hole of the old ,Bo debate without problems, Hao Ran does not see its boundaries also . HH complex as Analects of Confucius ,when Kong Shizhi St .
( volume twenty-second ) visible ,the formation of Su Shi thought Zhuangzi thought ,both components ,also have the factor of Confucianism and Buddhism to Confucianism .For WTO entry guide, in order to Zhuangzi ,Zen thought as born of the needle ,which is his life has been repeatedly setback and broad-minded ,broad-minded and yet patriotic annals is main reason.
However ,on the whole speaking ,Confucianism is the dominant ideology .As for art ,The Zhuangzi thought the more significant impact .His &quot ;road between technology into &quot ;and &quot ;and two in &quot ;view is that Chuang-tzu thought for the direct inheritance .
Qin such as postscript Shaoyou book one article :less travelled recently cursive ,and eastern flavor .Add beautiful poetry ,but he let not idle, he and hundred technique .And then not enter not ,little You Nai and two in .
( P. 4604 )Su Shi in painting art has advocated the &quot ;&quot ;famous thesis ,points out &quot ;a tract without art ,material although the shape in the heart ,is not in hand ,&quot ;and here, with emphasis on the &quot ;and two in &quot ;in artistic creation .
On the art and craft of relationships, Su Shi pays attention to both adj and unified ,it is not difficult to see that ,Su Shi takes the testimonies ,with emphasis on the &quot ;and two in &quot ;its purpose is artistic ,creative and Lixin .
Therefore ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,from the artistic image creation ,&quot ;out of new ideas in standard &quot ;not only is the Su Shi movement theory ,Su Shi is also the literati painting view is an important aspect.
38fifthCheng Ming earthquake Su Shi view of two problems two taste of purpose: the United States often salty acid addition Tu Said :&quot ;this is difficult, but the poem still difficult also.
The ancient Yu Duo passed away .And I think the identified in the flavor ,then can poetry .Jiang Lingzhi south ,,usually in palatability ,if not acid ,acid ,acid salt in it ;if not ,not salty ,stop salty .
Chinese people to eat and abrupt stop ,know its salty acid ,alcohol beauty has spent ear .&quot ;( Su Shi Lee on the book and students ) in its opinion, appreciation of works of art is like food taste ,not single taste ,food such as salts such as vinegar ,and should be a kind of wealth and taste ,this taste is mellow and &quot ;flavor and taste ,is &quot ;&quot ;&quot taste of purpose ;Su Shi .
Very highly regarded by this point of view ,in the book of poetry Zi Si yellow after the Tu arguments are summarized and then the ,and polish and change : may stop in acid, salt to salt ;diet without hydrochloric acid ,and the United States often salty sour .
Cover since the columns he has in the word table twenty-four rhyme ,I hate when writing .By complex words and sad .Huang, Zi Si ,Qingli ,emperor ,between texts .I heard reciting his predecessors ,every good quotes ,repeatedly Several times ,but the so-called knowledge .
The letter between table holy word ,beauty in the salty acid ,can sing three sigh . to this one problem, Su Shi has played and discussed ,such as in the inscription and bamboo Bingxu said :&quot ;the man who set ,the game comfortably.
Poetry Ming Sheng Yu ,and the bamboo Samadhi. Always Mushi ,barren blame Yi as &quot ;. ( P 39 ~175)and once on Wang Wei paintings :&quot ;Wei in the images ,such as the immortal quill Xie cage fan ( Fengxiang Su Shi &quot ;view of the eight second poems in calligraphy ) .
On the cloud :&quot ;I have books ,that clock king ,to trace ,Xiao Sanjian far ,wonderful in stroke beyond &quot ;. ( P. 128 )Su Shi this poetic artistic thought invisible conversion to the painting ,on the book .
,performed in the art realm is &quot ;all &quot poetry ;aesthetic pursuit, which also makes the painting art creation to ascend to the charm and aesthetics, thus regulate the later painting development.
From the angle of creation theory ,our country started early portraits painting ,but from art aesthetic evaluation aspect, to shape and God what is important ,in different historical period ,do not agree on .
Literature, generally speaking, from the spring and Autumn period to the Han is the form ,Han Fei &quot ;painting dogs the most difficult ,the most easily draw ghosts &quot ;point of view ,as people joined ,as authoritative control role.
Since the spirit of looking after Gu Kaizhi puts forward ,be taken seriously to rise .The southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties ,is the spirit of both periods. In the Song Dynasty, the palace painting in form ,still pay equal attention to, but a more realistic.

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