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Look! The devil beast history on the strongest female game playe

This article is a bit long ,interested please look slowly ,is not interested to have a look this photo then Abstract :we remember from world of Warcraft burst be copper doors ,door ,door white sleeping sister network, sensational events ,but later we will feel no more mean ,Tourist attractions in Shanghai,every time the old story ,the reason is mainly because of the derailment of the female side is one of a pair of rails .
But this is not the same ,the more fierce, you can see from the title ,a man down three will end with the stunt .The heroine ,the three Duke .Will wait ?Oh ,is it right? Imagine it was exciting .
The night of December 2nd, ID is a boring play world of Warcraft game player in the NGACN forum ,all the matter ,attracted attention. Post about a MM in WOW four years in boring play guild and the officials of XXOO between emotional entanglement ,and then move on to other guilds ,and WOWER together for several months, which develop to pregnancy ,the HH community because it is complex ,the length of time span ,you have a gossip heart friends may wish to look down the post author boring play itself .
Text too, in order to prevent the word more impatient friends could not continue, especially with many &quot ;MM skin is really very good very white ,that year was part of the cloth ,which &quot dazzling ;wonderful description ,I deliberately planted on each page of the heroine image to buffer vision .
Not much. ,please see photo :actress photo at that time I will MC3 group:FARM of the 1 regiment ,2regimenteight ,3roundopen up wasteland . BWL group to group 1 for the end of2,group of 3 elite,supplemented by hit 4.
1Leagueone and I got on very well with the main treatment of SM his real-life girlfriend ( FS ) into meeting. Greetings are :Hello ,I am XX ,please pay more attention .In the instigation of therapy ,the CD MC of the 1 regiment ,I directly to the MM group into the group picking equipment .
In the evening after the end of the event ,a group of 2 mainmaster directly in the guild forum sent a very sharp post : is the association is a brothel ?Post, the guild is a brothel ,MM is a prostitute ,treatment is cuckold pimp ,group of people I became clients - - !This is the final result of the 2 group ofmages to apologize ,the lock post.
Later ,the MM sweet copy ability ,middle ,gradually blending 1round fixedsorting equipment master . 2 regiment 3membershave complained that ,I When love fame ,see someone displeased ,he made no longer it is without rhyme or reason.
To MM so much care advice ,and began to put into action .Since two or three CD ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,I have to catch a few main mission 2 toupgrade equipment . MM nature to the 2 group. No boyfriend contacts ,in the face of hostile 2members,MM does not get equipment ,because no one let her negative took it .
During this period, the main treatment repeatedly asked me to MM group back to 1 missionfailed ,my face will retire . MM also will from time to time ,send some extremely ambiguous M - give me ,for instance :dear ,I miss you the night we ,QQ ?I bought a new cover and the like.
I pretended not to see ,after a while ,the MM M again I :Oh ,right .You don like .Repeated a few times ,MM never send miss .Soon to a new a week 2 evening.Most early copies of the MT fossae .
AFK ,I on the scrubbing water .Usually be scanty of words Tauren suddenly M me: &quot ;dear ,you go to bed in the evening to behave well, did you get my good pain !&quot ;I was scared to mouse out .
Okay MT soon I :&quot M ;MM just M me, she said she made the wrong ,you are not her feelings ?&quot ;MT when I put my lover .When M MM ,tell her I will never take her into 1 groups.
MM back to me a very classical words : but I been taking care of used ah ~ after a while ,no association in the wandering main treatment very angrily asked why I don set M - MM. My time is the fire ,you TM dough were torn ,will also return ,there are now face to back asking me to take care of your wife ?I sprayed directly the sentence: you do one ,I do fifteen !Pull the black it .
Soon ,MM in guild sobbing. He was out ,spearhead nature seems to me. ( most long occupation ,2groupMT are my classmates - see nobody !) ,MM will retire ,the trumpet will retire .
Association public fire fighting priest ,will retire .Guild far 2T,now MT retreat ( cow MT sometimes fall in love .Late ) ,guild main priest will retire .Yellow spam ,I was stupid ,thought they really have a problem with me away ,feel as a guild sinner .
2T and Ienjoyed excellent ,usually no words don talk .He loaded shemale ,I was busy spreading petals on Moonstone .He Kang ,I will help clear copy of brush reputation .Association in order to train him to issue great strength .
X to - 270 + points,limelight ,send the first wild Blade ,the black dragon and 2dayexercise in 2T direction ,MC would rather 2days playingalso want him to MT.2T himself take an oath devoutly :life is XX, death is XX dead.
As the main priest ,it is unshakable ,skilled representative .The 2 were later in the forum ,make me embarrassed not light .The priest discloses his BLOG ,which was written for the MM poems and prose .
2T made a very sincere confession stickers, all sin to himself .He will retire to make me Silent speechless :he loves her ,you can discard all forever following her ,where MM ,2T to!Of course, the two children in the post before thought that oneself is a successful third ,is the only steal Xing thief cat .
Post, they depressed found him meow there are competitors ... How a thunder with his word .Go. Wearing a green hat SM cried half alive ,at the president back .The priest also seems to bear and share the lover embarrassment ,come back .
My 2T,with MM transfer .Guild leaders feel that 2T is a spoony seed, natural not to wash their dirty linen in public plan. It even if passed . BWL ,.Thought the storm subsided ,unexpectedly, I was wrong .
my classmates ,the guild who suddenly becomes a little weird. Usually a meal together,Jeremy Scott Adidas, chats together ,to take cold water bath in winter of hardcore ,suddenly becomes very gregarious .
No class ,no RAID ,he stuck on QQ ,midnight does not brag fart ,call in a sneaky way to walk .Time from time to time ,send lubricious sound .All the signs of a hair ,spring .We quickly in his computer desktop found a smile is sunshine MM photos.
The same dormitory a cow or even overheard midnight phone :your chest ?Ah ,34B wow.Obviously, the thief head love is the substantive stage. We are all very happy for him .But the informant sent second messages to us ,ray crisp outside and tender inside mmMM nickname is called blue blue .
Blue orchid ,is I mentioned that FS !To confirm ,I pretend to be casual look asked :blue X today hasn ?Note ,I mean ,X ,not orchid orchid .The thief head very proud :she did not empty ,night to play ~ ,I really didn MM could have so much energy ,even thought the thief head can be such an idiot .
I gathered a group of people that night give a thief do ideological work .The thief head but can use the S B look to us :you are not . I also play ,as far as ?Is said to play ,but there have been 3 people down in MM ,say to forbid the thief head which day fell not ?This doubt ,until the thief head on our public video of the day, it disappeared without a trace .
Must admit ,brothers all not what good bird .A group of hungry science students obscene to hide in a camera perspective besides onlookers, all slobber ticking . MM skin is really very good very white ,that year was part of the cloth ,which determine the dazzling ~ ~ no thief head after the fall ,we were at ease.
( 2MTsaid ,MM M him. ) were video seduce is what bug what I a hot head ,soared to the guild forum zone officials sent a consultation with the format .Do awful universal guild Forum WOW has nothing to do with who know what 34B is like ?To tell you the truth, I too far behind to look not clearly .
Soon a fucking official replies . 34 refers to thecircumference ,B refers to the elevation of - - !Have a more boring to sell fashion person say more directly : C only qualified Mody ,I want you to the D.
Girl a little fat, not originally in the hidden plate .A C with no big deal ,but if I naturally or half unconsciously place out of this is a MM SIZE ,more Too bad SM have a classmate who is DKP officials ,while SM often officials in forum ,diving .
I was bad . SM NGA signature immediately change :the original hypocrisy is king ,only the dorsal spines is &quot &quot ;friends ;true .Who says that ?Of course I was &gt ;_ &lt ;changed signature SM seems to be the guild blame me, because I have to pull him black ,did not know the specific details .
Soon ,SM two back .Maybe ,SM still not used to that feeling .But I don :I said .You are so foolish ?This MM is brought to you ,has been abducted ,you TM miss her? !still face with my noisy? You TM this man am I? !( well, after that ,the so-called real boyfriend ,is separated in two places ,just and MM beep beep this degree .
) may ,perhaps ,is a pure speculation on my SM to see me even MM privacy popped out ,that I and MM had an affair .He will talk a lot of nonsense in the period ,should be focused on all &quot ;rival &quot ;then the main priest swearing .
For a while, also will retire with SM on spray to .Soon ,2T alsoshouted slogans ,joined the fray. Do not believe ,this is a fact. Comparison of thunder is a 2T in And SM white to spray a sentence: &quot ;you because the game to know her ,me too.
You are not with her, and I followed her. Your reality seen her ,I see .We are in the same starting line !&quot ;( 2T in February14downthe location of MM ,spent several days. The informant .
) I to the love world is desperate HH love what what ,me numb .Thereafter ,MM and thief head video ,we continue to be shameful to onlookers . BWL continues to logging .Such a day ,until the the five one section.
One night, suddenly a very lewd thief at us laugh :MM asked me to go to her five one play ~ then he reached us, fresh in the two finger kept twisting his thumb .( MM in the North University of reading, and we, in the south.
) so we have unity money, very solemn to take the thief head hand :MD ,even a strong friend together !Speaking ,who is very tall, handsome ,the hair is very soft ,whole image is worse than me a little.
( mean MM PM me ) but he has a weakness to MM house virtual goods .The company turns dormitory wall this basic operation can be completed .Also the CALL instructor to help him end A stool to stepping .
Out of concern for the students psychological ,I in the night RAID periods consult will grow up : &quot ;I say day X ,my knife a few days later may go to MM .You give a few strokes ?&quot ;originally some dispirited ,injury ranked by the president immediately to the spirit chopper :going to see MM ?I : Yes! President: a chopper is a virgin ?I :nonsense ,but why I find your weapon ?Lustful slight middle-aged reflection :&quot ;kitchen knife to a person is very dangerous .
.. But ,you guys go together ,or helping hands . MM to ask ,you buy one and get eight !I just ,I was trying to take the wand burst of chrysanthemum ,I very angrily replied :you funny ?Chopper fare is us all out !You is it right? Showing off you a little money ?Answer :no sex male money ?!chopper fare enough for you to beep RAID a lap back .
Now the price is one hundred or two hundred .I can ... &quot ;serious! I mean business !Quickly try !&quot ;President: are you kidding .Chopper really want to go, you buy him several pairs of the trumpet of the stockings .
I :stockings ?President: the work time that knife wear ,according to their own Ability to love ,wear a few wearing only a few .It Bo Teshuang air ,coarse mesh can beep beep beep beep what is called the master ,Nike Air Force One,what is man forty-one flowers ?I was hell-bent to follow the president ,regardless of the public is more difficult ,until I AFK ,I still remain in the No.
the guild !RAID ended, I was excited to find the thief head ,did not think of you than I am excited :&quot ;hey ,MM says ,she prepared to our ~ &quot ;oh yeah ~ a group of people cheered ,money .
I also aside sneer :act recklessly and blindly girl ,dare to our home ?Hum !God put you one hundred single eight tricks !Very quickly, went to five one .MMhhMM didn - - !Thief head still continues his phone and video live ,leaving only a few very hungry people in wait :&quot ;MM you have no money, say, we can make the transfer to you a .
&quot ;it is said to know ,or herself very hypocritical and gossip .I do a lot of things don be MM know .Good, the original retreat after and I ogle shemale 2Tnever ignore me ,see also / spit slobber .
I heart broken ,and a few friends .Maybe I want to express a Enduanyijue attitude ,2T senta mail to our guild warehouse administrator .( MM ,TS audio sound extremely attractive ,banned to prevent riots .
) said to be owed guild thing out. Results that night, stock in the forum officials channel mm2T to be furious .The compensation ,only two out of the brilliant purple light link crystal - -! Finally after discussion ,tube warehouse to 2Tmail back ,take 2 connectiondo severance .
As for the severance of the contents of the letter, I do not know .Want to have been crazy little woman ( warehouse ) ,not say anything nice .SM seems to be that five one day period, the MM bad intentions ,launched a new offensive .
The game was pulling me black ,guild forum no official number, so he came for me to come to NGA, and will be water my reachcaptured wearing. Needless to say ,to spray .I was very strange Comrade SM what to think constantly of the MM ,he gave me a sentence : you know what ?She is pure blue blue !I TM was Ray coke is coke ,odor and delirious .
Showing the rogue nature I say a few words comparison of lustful C words be sickle NUKE .Ah ,the pastor Reverend HH very restrained ,his crazy update BLOG . MM in the game M :Well, I don you said those words I don !I was very puzzled ,the guild my popularity is so good, which officials and me? Some words I secretly say ,what can make people laugh .
Everywhere ,it may be boring .The answer quickly announced .One day rest ,president is not in .I Ogg door when the door ,suddenly saw a pair of S on-line, with rattle rattle my demoted officials ,membership ,probation ,serious warning .
I was beginning to think that side will be ones of the time ,wind up and give me reinstated .S without rhyme or reason to take the sentence: bright ?Without waiting for my reply ,Adidas Jeremy Scott technology exhibition,and a head to me to press down ,then ascend.
I hit a ?After cutting ,then ascend. This time I burst a language :the grass !So several times ,I feel like I a puppet troops captured members ,is being in the tank side torture .
Soon officials could not go on ,in front of my name maniac point lifting ,he managed to keep up my voice. I had said a word S put away a :call the day X on-line! Soon ,lascivious chairman line .
I said things through ,lascivious men laughed :okay Plenum can I T person, or you were tossing a few times had been kicked out .Just S number is orchid orchid on ,she called me too .
S is orchid orchid on !See these words ,I felt my heart hard to draw ..another ?This is deputy will ?Is also a beta came to fallen comrades ?All the time since, S gave me the impression is a mouthful of foul knave.
In addition to love in any words with some beep terms ,he was a really to be moral ,very straightforward person .I really want to be illogical, guild authority even on me ,absolutely know MM .
He ,is how to be most willing to prostrate themselves in the MM foot .Soon, S will retire ,standing on the bank mailbox destroyed a small warlock slobber equipment. Then the crazy white spam: I was mad ,and I don TM JY ,which is awful to bother me ,I killed him !Soon ,S deleted .
My friend list so little a person. After that ,I really hate MM.4 TM.You really want ?That night ,I had a nightmare ,dreamed of thief and I fell out ,with a tennis racket all over the world to kill me ,after a while, MM Few men are added ,in the end, even lustful days X also carrying a knife and expel me .
That night I had a miserable ,warfare ,thief ,GSD ,plus a master in a dream to bully me that what little .The very next day up, body still a little sore .I started with malicious speculation about MM I have this strong capacity .
1P3 estimationis her limit ?Take a cold bath ,I suddenly thought of a very serious problem day mm X yesterday to what I say? MM call him !President over ,male I would collapse ,homeless ,MM aside laugh .
I rely on, day X compromised consequences too serious ,I just think on the scalp. To send a message to the past ,old rogue soon reply :ha ha ha ,kid ,you know ?I and Lan Lanhao on how for a long time .
,brother charm ?Speechless HH made me blind worry ,feelings of the animals just to show their charm ?!Send a string of ellipsis past :&quot ;I will tell of your wife fucks !&quot ;&quot ;cutting knife that spring chicken ,all right ,I will be a problem for you TM ?Dare to speak I T your X .
&quot ;day in fact afraid of his wife .I may be SMS toggle ,which with lustful nerve ,the evening RAID ,old man something M me some vague erotic news ,what &quot ;uncle ,LAN LAN to pee, fast to orchid orchid pee ah ~ &quot ;and the like.
The old man was sick to my side :Hey ,I &quot be very pleased with oneself ;but these words .Now computer evidence .TSK, jealous of ?&quot ;I only feel the hairs on the up ,the mouse has shaky .
The day RAID ,has always been very cattle B very skilled represents the highest level of association of DPS I fell out of the top 10 ,by several waste wood laugh to death. As for the cause of all this arch-criminal ,in RAID near the end on the winding .
The goods seems to have something urgent ,TS roar sound: &quot ;I depend, on fire. I AFK. &quot ;no news. One day, two days a week ,and I wonder .Is it right? You bastard belch fart ,SMS sent N ,as like a clay ox entering the sea ,without a word.
As I was unsupportable ,ready to spend some money on a long time ,you answer :&quot ;I am ,life ,don ,don game .&quot ;?????I was at a loss .But after a few days ,the days of X regression .
A herd of cattle excitedly Ao .Called mm that love speak yellow terminal ,very lewd humor ,finally back !Unfortunately ,come back after you seem to change another person .Be poker-faced ,TS never sounded his glib speech sound .
After a week it. At night, guild forum 305suddenlyout of the room a post ,after ten minutes, post disappeared .The card is the day on their X AFK for more than a week interpretation of paste.
The post three people see .One is me ,a warehouse manager ,also a DKP record .Without exception ,three individual replies is a word to MM only &quot ;ha ha ha ha ha ha .&quot ;the old man son is very short :women in a Baba chubby ,you can kill me .
That day you see blue blue M language when ,be my wife found !Hastily hastily hastily grass HH (NNN word .) I can imagine lustful wife ,is grasping the present embarrassment ,think that the TS old man get desperation of a &quot &quot ,think about the days ;fire ;X that massive beep capture ,and think about the day X termagant wife ,if MM insensible to midnight call .
TSK, perfect .The news was soon I went to a pile of students Go ,then quickly spread in the official class .From then on ,official channel more than a slang :&quot ;I depend, on fire ( Group flutter) .
Now leave seeds !&quot ;of course ,after this incident ,I firmly believe that MM can never take Tianya .Cross in front of her ,my wife is a mountain majestic figure has been hit .The day X ,suddenly from the old rogue avatar into a God .
He did not know by what means ,in short ,SM back, the priest returned. Day X and SM, it is said the express volumes a :&quot ;SM ,but this time into the palace ~ &quot ;an unspoken passion ,&quot ;&quot ;greeted after all busy all the go .
First to add back ,I am pleased to comrades return ,this time I be seen through .Love what what ,,don wait .Day by day, all very dull .Very tough MM makes peace into the dead PVE tribal recrudesce billows :&quot ;black dragon group group ,with no one to help me kill the dragon ?&quot ;in general saw this I disdain smile :&quot ;I rely on, so the three tribes will play a copy ,labour will have a look what do you student group black Long Tuanlai .
&quot ;MM calls will not be called ,I thought she gave up .Think is, who TM full support to CD wasted on you ,help you to kill the dragon ?Do you think you are three RL ?But proved, I stupid .
I actually dare underestimate the power of the MM .A few days later ,in the MM currently host association forum diving Voyeur I ,suddenly found a post : the blue XXX privately organization black dragon punishment.
Point to go in to look ,I speechless .That the boss will be on MM privately expressed outrage at black dragon group organization ,because there are more than absolute the main use of CD ,leading to its will black dragon RAID stranding ,finally ,the trumpet in strong public support, to dare bumps off the black dragon.
Be furious ,direct deduction of MM double DKP ( MM in Pro guards took the spirit of thunder ,cloak ,black bag .Press MM points in the RAID obtained in the above article calculation ) .
MM master number ,be considered waste .We have no one dopant which ?Have ,but many .But a bitch is compared with a wink ,most people use small to help mm .MM favor, and does not affect the size of CD.
Of course ,several MM loyal molecular exception - -! Since we 2willhave to go ,the You third will naturally did not fall. It and I at will are bitter enemies .( we spray their honors brush ,spray them we envy ) but in MM under the influence, you can see the NPC and CPPCC members carried out close cooperation.
The paladin and the Mathas together into a bar ???Cattle X. I had to gasp in admiration. Soon thereafter ,I challenge where MM would RL priest ,and to the duel ,20 game15victory.( speech master P God herd 8priests,7record,is war ) forum ID cut ,gossip cues from interrupt .
MM master number with no down ,every minute, do not have ability, the boss is a normal orientation of female ... She has a priest to continue their journey .WOW .I don ,thought MM could not find the breach, AFK out .
Also dismissed MM the people. But ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,in I AFK shortly after, I know MM still ,and more fierce. She finally managed to pull off a few officials !If before ,MM captive male ,only in the game suffered a loss, but in reality some words of comfort .
So this time ,the victim of some lose both men .The tragic meaning. No liability of pure reference . MM it from me After the retreat ,to join the service of another tribe .A few months later ,I in the server are combined .
The XXXXX to another server tribe will be the first official. As for the 2T,SM ,priest ,and I haven ,I no longer cared about them the current situation of HH below is the official BLOG article .
Please all friends forgive my first article is so frustrating. Everyone has two sides ,including her .In May of last year ,we know each other ,we became good friends .Last July ,she become my life the first female friends .
My mother helped her find her first job ,I also went to her house to see the 3 parents at the time ofher just graduated from University ,but I big one repeater, although only 2 years ofage ,but the experience was nearly 4 years in the confirmation of the relationship between male and female friends before .
,we have also thought about ,whether we really go to ?I remember when I asked her a few words :&quot ;will you wait for me four years ?&quot ;she promised .We are in a section of network game on understanding, but in fact she was in the game name is not good ,often can hear rumors that she and someone like me to go to bed ,With him when you have friends warned me, I know that many of these rumors is actually really ,but I insist on my point of view ,I think she will change for me, she would get well ,she must be loyal to me .
The tragedy also begin from this I just started with her. Time ,she often gives her a &quot game ;buddy &quot ;,former boyfriend ,often send information ,call ,she also smokes. When we lived in Tongzhou we rented the house, I only have Saturday Sunday home ,I said to her ,her when I have called ,but till now has been and they send information ,with many ambiguous language .
These also calculate, until one day ,the game friend told me that my school time is actually her every day at 2 ,3 pointsto sleep ,and a &quot ;XXXXX&quot ;every play very late every day ,and in a UT chat channel ,also use QQ video .
I was holding a letter in her attitude ,and that man is like their guild leader ,is very caring ,not ignore these things. She promised me from the beginning of 07 years of smoking cessation .
Until January of this year, we moved into my the mother for us To rent a house, measured at the same time her pregnancy ,her medical abortion in the week ,I think that she and I together this year the happiest one week ,no Internet ,no game ,no QQ ,no phone ,fully two of the world, lived a normal life, good times don ,after this week, as her body slowly recovered ,she began playing go with ADSL, and the network connecting the first time after the installation of the game ,we went back to the day in the game and the real world of time allocation .
Once, I from her mobile phone was found on the &quot ;XXXXX&quot ;her hair is very ambiguous words ,I asked her what happened ,she only told me to believe her ,and then I heard from friends now in their QQ ,UT ,games are &quot ;husband wife &quot ;rather ,I feel wrong ,then talk to her ,she admits and his things ,admitted that it had been because he and I had wandered, and promised shielding him, UT ,QQ ,mobile phone no longer contact ,but no more cameras and other video .
But things are not like that ,she not only maintains and &quot ;XXXXX&quot ;relationship, but also and several other people were also tied the relations From the back ,I slowly become more and more in a flagrant way ,we also continue to intensify the contradiction between this afternoon ,I one day earlier returned home ,Man does not go home N reasons,home and messy ,messy in no way ,of which there are two things :first into my eyes full of cigarette ashtray and frame on the display the video camera head .
I opened her machine ,enter the QQ folder pictures data folder ,find a lot of not fit to be seen pictures ,most of which are in the game video out of the &quot ;&quot ;,my heart has been broken and she loves me ,I know ,but she was really hot stuff ,maybe her own problems ,I may not teach her, she has a lovely face ,also have the hateful side ,more terrible side.
The society no matter who is has two sides sex ,or it can be said is multi-faceted ,but from today on I understand a truth ,it is impossible to believe ,even if you treat her well ,she also may betray you, and have &quot &quot ;record ;the girl is not worth to believe that perhaps breaking up is the best results ,at least for now ,this thing called me to forget Remember the impossible.
I sad ,painful I ,a person silently endure HH last night she came back we talk a lot ,perhaps breaking up is really the best results ,but once again I retain her ,because I hate her ,after all together for almost a year .
I once again gave her the opportunity ,at the same time and also the last time ,I swear !But I when her face in front of the camera head ,I hope to be able to play some role in her perhaps I really mean ?A woman to do such a thing ,it is no reason not to break up ,but I have she together.
May I still have dreams ,I always feel that I can touch her ,let her come back to the real world ,,recognize ,distinguish between truth and falsehood ,I really is for her own good .If not for her, we may have been split up.
But she wouldn come out of all this, or see ,but not to regard it as right well, have a look it ,once again betrayed ,means that even friends do .Things just 3 days later,the same thing happened again.
Very heavy, not ?I saw the BLOG after the text, the whole people are stupid .Cannot imagine ,really can him also Can such a man .After many years ,MM will own a young pay ?My heart, had no anger ,some just deep sorrow.
Every gossip MM and a good ,there is no and a certain that what of time ,more out of a dark psychological .But when a dark speculation became reality when, suddenly I have no mood .
WOW for nearly 4 years, MM can be said to be impressed me most a person .I don is it right? A tragedy. At last ,give some obsessed with unreal network in brain of male sperm people a piece of advice .
You ,really ready ?Computer opposite, is really a girl ?This girl, really worth the effort ?&quot ;I gave her a diamond ring ,that is we split the night before .Well, I promised to give her ,and ironically the HH I asked her :&quot ;diamonds represent? &quot ;she said :&quot ;&quot ;forever .
I asked her :&quot ;I give you diamonds represent? &quot ;she said :&quot ;your undying love for me .I asked her :&quot ;&quot ;now I give you diamonds count what? &quot ;she was silent &quot ;breaking up after I said to her :&q Uot ;please tell XXXXX ,congratulations to him, he will first half of the year .

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