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Wednesday, 16-May-2012 02:21 Email | Share | Bookmark
Happy relaxed leisure time, teach you to do heart method.

Hey! All day in the network Sisha, gradually neglect the reality of things, borrow this opportunity together we review. I was born there are many strong points, such as eating this way, I have something will know do method, pretty close.
They believe are we most like a snack, I eat the egg tart is mainly to eat inside the heart, but a suction mouth of a really bad, a few days before the morning get up, lying in bed and thought about it they do, in the minds of the strange steps one after I tried it, results in success.
Ha ha, I will teach you how to do it. First we should to the market to buy materials, is a custard powder,5.3 the leisure tour ~ ~ ~, canned prices in general 10-20, bagged the price between the 3-10. There is to the supermarket to buy a bag of 486ML fresh milk custard powder general friends home.
No, bags of 486ML milk is mainly to facilitate the production of other material. Everyone at home will have, will not say. Now tell everyone what to do to prepare articles: custard powder, 486ML milk, sugar, two eggs, microwave containers, empty bowl 2,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, a spoon,, chopsticks step 1: will 486ML milk the wholeA pour into the microwave containers in step 2: 3 full tablespoon of custard powder into the empty bowl, then 7 tablespoons milk and milk in, just pour in microwave containers inside.
Then beat, do not fear will have a knot in the mind how, stir slowly, very easy to dissolve custard. Spoon is not that kind of coffee spoon, is a soup, usually have a chaotic one. Step 3: in the microwave containers with milk sugar,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, how much your grasp, you like sweet will add more,Collective hill after Taishan leisure travel, don't like it a little, and then put it in the microwave at high 4 minute, boil.
Step 4: two eggs into the empty bowl, add a little water, stir vigorously step 5: milk boil out, will stir the egg is poured in, stir it, into the microwave oven,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, high fire for 2 minutes,Changxin Nongjiale leisure travel, the steps for people in the microwave oven outside looking in, because the eggs will Pu, everybody favors, in milk and egg mixture boiling time off the microwave oven.
Out. Step 6: will blend blending custard powder milk slurry into just from the microwave oven out of milk and egg mixture, and pour it back into the mixing, full,, with chopsticks rapidly clockwise and counterclockwiseMixing, they completely even up before you put them into the microwave at high 2 minutes, people looked at, a boiling out.
Step 7: this time almost ready, if unable to hold oneself back you can taste, taste good, not in a hurry. Let him put where natural cooling, when solidified into a jelly-like when you start to eat, ha ha, want to eat hot dig it out a little into the oven to warm it up on the line.

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