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Beijing than Hongkong prices also high reason - MAYAOCH Tieniu f

I didn, comment on this issue ,must be several days ,we discuss almost, a few netizens in the posts on the message is very deep .But this topic is still filled with some opinion of the important layout ,it discusses and continue the necessary Cai Hongyan are the property market .
One of the brothers ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2 add chicken steak ah,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,property is a comparison of the effects of a range of real estate professional publications ,so by speech naturally in the industry has been widespread concern. CAI has been the industry star character, but this time by &quot ;prices in Beijing within 5 years to high Hongkong &quot ;speech ,again put by pushed to the market the opinion of the peak.
Prices in Beijing within 5 years to high Hongkong such talk is indeed a bit irritating ,supposedly as media leaders ,there should not be too extreme opinions ,especially should not have obvious tendency of speech, lest give cause for interest group called the pretext .
Media justice and diversity is the media development and society to win respect key ,and media justice mainly by owners hold ,and media diversity mainly by the diversity of any one .
Boss media must have on industry issues be keenly aware of and many ideas ,but ,if his view to get public airing may affect the media and even easier to media journal orientation and aim of doubt.
By may on the market too familiar, may also be too hot love property market ,so only constantly published about property of speech .But the &quot ;prices in Beijing in 5 yearshigher than the Hongkong &quot ;saying is a bit too .
There and Xu Dianqing bet on the successful experience of Shenzhen prices rise ,chopper is certainly very willing and by bet on this .And by not bet on price ,but betting on rising ,risk must be much smaller .
But there is such a good chance ,a possible but face ,can bet,Adidas Wings, so as not to back the real estate sector first gambler fame .But do not want to lose such a good opportunity ,but to encourage people to come and by bet .
It don take the bet .But a few days later ,Huang Zubin would take $50000 and by a gamble ,Huang Zubin said :&quot ;I want to and Cai bet ,bet for $50000 ,Try the .&quot ;this game may and last bovine Xu bet is different, even if the Shenzhen prices have dropped significantly, but from the National Statistics Office ,Shenzhen house price still showed a moderate rise in numbers.
But they must be the student from Xu Dianqing ,now a professor of economics at Peking University status ,and in economics community has always been a not entirely convinced statistics habits ,so the professor in fact had to apologize.
But prices in Hongkong and Beijing prices comparison is more complex ,Cai discussed Beijing house price rises a few reasons ,but according to by reason ,want to say Hongkong prices rise faster the more appropriate when people take some .
Shenzhen and Hongkong ,that the Shenzhen housing prices is the goal of the Hongkong housing prices ,because the two city have toward integration trend ,this comparison is of some reason .However ,results ?Shenzhen prices not only did not catch up with Hongkong, also do not fall down ?Each city has each city in China and Chinese characteristics.
Political security .Shenzhen and Hongkong be linked mountains and rivers ,even so ,from Beijing to Hongkong there are thousands of kilometers ,,Hongkong house price how to influence prices from Beijing ?National political important status ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro That &quot,although Beijing is the capital of Hongkong ,but the influence is not inferior at ;Beijing is probably a lot of people yearning for a place ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,and that Hongkong is a world-class free port .
Although many of the Shanxi coal boss in Beijing to buy a house ,but to settle in Hongkong that was so successful as lining people ;limit to say ,Beijing Scale Development Corporation and Hebei vast tracts of land for relying on, but Hongkong is a tiny area is real gold .
In recent years may Beijing prices rise faster ,it is because the state regulatory policies failed to carry out the reason ,and not the housing price in Beijing unlimited rise the reason .
In Hongkong 97 yearsafter the financial crisis, house prices have plummeted in the fact ,is worth learning and reflection. But not because of the Hongkong price declines to become our inland city prices rise the reason .
The Hongkong housing market and housing policy has been a study in China and the reference object ,although Hongkong as an completely free market economy society ,but Hongkong housing market is relative to plan .
These years in Hongkong city development is much slower than Beijing , that is not because Hongkong does not have the ability to build a new Hongkong economic strength and development needs.
But Hongkong is in really adhere to the housing safeguard way, instead of city large demolition Dajian road. Hongkong housing still maintained a house husband leading policy, housing mostly also dozens of square meters of large-sized apartment in these years ,and we in Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China period basically gone after the ancestral home ,now already started moving to open 70 ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,80 timeresidential workers stage.
In the demolition costs rose up ,and the high prices have gradually become move remove power and reasons for such high prices .What is the reason to be proud of? Hongkong residents have lived in the past we ever envy pigeon cage ,the house price may have been no major changes, but the citizens of Hongkong have been in one life .
It by the comparison of Hongkong house price refers to these prices. If house prices in Beijing than they really Hongkong these security prices high go out ,don ashamed ?If some of Beijing housing prices may be higher than those in Hongkong ,it is not impossible ,such as CBD area commercial building .
But take residential Said ,if Beijing prices even higher than in Hongkong ,then Beijing city authorities are unable to account for the people ,because of Beijing welfare level is far behind Hongkong ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000 he looked up to heave,Beijing economy can compared with Hongkong .

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