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Tuesday, 15-May-2012 15:05 Email | Share | Bookmark
The closing jerks breakthrough can be sustained

The closing jerks breakthrough can be sustained after Tuesday two city breakthrough triangle after finishing, Wednesday continued upside reached 2250 after performing the pressure from a half hour diving market, from increase index were observed, the SSE 50 index fell 0.
19%, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.24%, the Shenzhen stock index rose 0.91, the Shanghai Composite Index Wednesday the main force for diving, especially finance real estate plate. The recent main nonferrous metal industry is in the midday show a sharp advance after diving trend, from a technical analysis,, the correction is in the technical step back on the trend, but the latter is more difficult to try for the rapid, shocks greater probability.
By the United States in February housing starts jumped 22% accident for the first time in eight months, appear rebound stimulation, overnight the US stock market surge again, this is entirely consistent with previously the bullish market reasons.
Which also includes the dollar index down, CRB index rose, crude oil rises, the recent trend of strong non-ferrous metals industry and the dollar index down has a direct relationship, resources for the future prices expected much, may become the wave of market prices of the main theme.
This market is a lack of good and bad, in every market rising andAfter the fall of the market can always find a good reason and corresponding bad reason,In December 13, 2007,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, this time the market breakthrough, fully illustrates this point,Silent] XX on XX., a breakthrough Tuesday before most pessimistic economic data message, the annual performance decline message, policy lost bad and so on,, while the volume rose Tuesday after the follow up is " six good volley " headline news.
News Wednesday with partial and multiple,Adidas Wings, such as " fund fieldwork: listed companies to stock more ideal. Now estate, banking, steel and other industries are more optimistic, the future market fell down, " " the United States in February housing starts unexpectedly jumped 22%, eight months since the first pick-up " a celebrity, and began to speak about 09 years the stock market and so on, and these data pessimism in the market when they disappear from the scene.
So if is to follow the market rumors, and do not have their own thinking, is the obvious chasing Shadie. Disk from the recent observation, non-ferrous metals, resources class shares by the dollar index fell, the international bulk commodity price increases expected stimulus, later period still need to continue to observe the dollar index fell really, and the CRB index and rawOil prices rise.
Oil prices will directly stimulate the chemical plate's popularity, CRB index rebounded sharply will stimulate a large part of the cycle industry recovery expectations. If so, then the market is not the lack of upward momentum and reason, a cyclical industry will also focus on the object.
Secondly, iron and steel Wednesday started strong, with the recent steel futures is about to launch news, steel futures in the formal launch before the formal introduction of proper attention, is likely to see light die situation.
From recent trends observed, this subject has not strong, only can be involved in short-term, but also need to pay close attention to the leading stocks, such as Shanghai trade. In addition,Air Jordan But Ma Yun goes on stage, the Wednesday market with a lot of information, namely the plates also follow the signs to start, such as tourism, chemical, electronic components, media,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, and plastic.
Technical analysis, short-term market has stepped back to 2200-2180 demand, if the tie back to step of shrinking, then stepped back need not too pessimistic on the whole. Market in the 2200-2300 interval and a period of turbulence, operation strategy can control five to 70% positions, the concussion in the bargain intervention.

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