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Light as breeze _ Sina blog

Text / wind goodbye ,dear mom &quot ;&quot ;Caroline ,goodbye ,lost the league cup that make &quot ;B52&quot ;the bullets continue to fly ,to overcome resistance to mind when England Carling Cup final ,the Gunners with a beat all the way to lose to Bermingham ,with six years first championship trophy eraser over the shoulder, the gunner ,Philosophy of subjective problem how to get high marks,the frustration of indescribable .
Spring wind really let Wenger and his disciples are bursts of cold ,the tragedy of life and real sense of clear text / breeze once was an unknown to the public of the football ,almost overnight on the major sites of the significant position even .
?2006,as being in a deserted Shenyang player Xu Qingshan ,in order to seek their own football dreams ,Korea University ,after a few years with efforts into the Korean occupation League veteran Suwon Bluewings .
In order to Suwon to obtain better development prospect ,Shenyang boy changed his nationality ,which caused the domestic media widely attention and hot discussion. For this kind of phenomenon ,Chinese football people how to look at ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,or from which enlightenment can be ?In fact ,the Koreans in Shenyang .
Enough to rely on their own efforts to find a suitable for his development of the road ,we should go to bless .Now the football development in China will face many obstacles ,it is an indisputable fact .
In 2005 to join SingaporeNew Yee distant old Qiu Li ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,later joined the Singapore book ,according to the report ,he in the home to visit relatives said ,&quot ;playing in a foreign country although very bitter ,but are relatively simple ,do not need to consider the human side of things ,as long as the play on the line .
&quot ;from Qiu Li is not difficult to see ,the Chinese football must be further construct and perfect ,or &quot ;stay &quot ;not alarmist .Since Xu Qingshan to enter the old man / breeze asked :Chinese men training need after all how longtime ?Answer: more than a second time .
Why? Than the time one second is forever .This not, just in the Asian Cup defeat of the Chinese men on the morning of 24 Chinesemen coach Gao Hongbo to work report the problem, to " representing &quot ;the report .
After the meeting ,from the very next day the media reports and articles reproduced can be seen ,the delegates for high report is unhappy ,think its factual ,not into the theme ,Can talk because of their on-the-spot command improper accelerated country foot dead dereliction of duty .
It makes the delegates are quite unhappy ,even the delegates were unhappy ,then for the poor and Chinese football rain by fans, even if their words like &quot ,&quot ;young cynic ;can be used for most Chinese leaders are very like the pet phrase -- this is very normal .
And most fans friends,The enchanted night a , I also have no to this site ,some things can only be understood according to &quot ;&quot ;.Titan Ma Dexing noted ,high on the national team are the core target of three .
Or that sentence ,as a 16 seasons playingamateur guys ,I really don the ball .So ,for the national team coach ,he never dared to interpret ,also don to parse ,but not to solve. We only a little -- appreciation.
Appreciation :as soon as possible to improve China level of competition and the world. It drama ,reason is and high consistent statement text / breeze Hengda burn cannot use pattern definition ,guobayin killed also is a kind of experience and ,now, no one can say for sure :Hengda will defeat Du Mei as a weapon ,a Guan Yu in the hands of the Lord Guan Extremely gorgeous sharp sword .
Broadsword to who cut off ?It asked Wang Shuo .Only a short while ago ,when the rival to the wind puffs the clouds away. Like momentum in Guang Yao &quot match-fixing events ;&quot ;,one is called the Xu Jiayin estate chairman light is turned into the Guangzhou football gods of wealth ,enjoy the Huisa money in the hand .
The wager .As Fahim in Mancheng verve ,and like the breeze enjoy while one can not make fleeting pleasure ,with great perhaps not worthy of permanent memory ,but it is worth the collection Arsenal and Barcelona moved ,almost the same style of football, infinite similar soccer idea ,be forced to admit ,in art football category ,today Barcelona has become the world masters ,while Arsenal are still in the Sorcerer road.
Last April ,Arsenal in the case of two goals behind will be leveled the score of 2-2 ,the battle is small by Gunners death penalty kicks into execution .This years Champions League 1 /8fight,also in the backward situation, the young Gunners complete reversal ,a 2-1text /breeze front of Lampard without Drogba, the lamp is very lonely Wilshire around without a small law, Jack is lonely without Berbatov Rooney ,Very helpless Terry there is no blue Ivan ,tough guy angry -- the England national team to the Premier League for text / wind Torres in swimming ,,the crossing was very strongly ,is reborn ,or drowned the Anfield red classic has become a memory ,the Standford bridge to open the blue legend it winter transfer window about to be closed in the first few hours ,Liverpool became the climax manufacturing .
With Carol sign ,Torres is transferred ,in Darren Bent ,Dzeko ,the Santa Cruz after the season ,the transfer market and more full of explosive elements. It makes me more feel ,nothing is immutable and frozen ,no player can be permanently loyal about Maldini ,now considered .
No tale or legend ,become myth .The Chinese football has always been in the breeze on your knees, like a beggar all day watching her he said :&quot ;tomorrow I will become a white-collar .
&quot ;Oh ,not to blind eyes and Asian Cup semi-final ,South Korea Meets Japan ,an Asian Football cutting edge technology war in Qatar ,via the CCTV5 satellite signal real map in every Chinese football people eyes .
120 minutes of footballtracts ,and the Enough to make you shouted a dazzling pleasure ,but after more than 30 hoursafter the calm ,people can not help but feel more dazzling. Compared to Japan and South Korea, China football at this time as an actor ,but others in the story to find themselves.
When the mirror in Japan and South Korea turned to leave ,Chinese football stand in the past, in which the scene again return to a vast, almost desolate .The breeze Liaoning fans ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2 known as blue drifter .,don anything ,just need a strong inside faithful only ,do not need any eyeliner ,only hope that hunters don embarrassed to admit, fulfilling life let me sleep is not enough ,so do not to like the Liaoning men to maintain every attention.
Here, must be self criticism ,countless race day, the public channel without my tired eyes ,Tiexi stadium no fever in my shadow. The deep winter, a world of ice and snow ,do not have a fans should do the breeze are not afraid of the dark society ,afraid of black society ;afraid of him ,not afraid .
33 year oldLi Weifeng is back ,back to the fantasy super ,there will be a magic show ?Each other, better known in the arena .Taoism and romantic style always makes people aware of students Life has no end, but if this classic Chinese football and &quot ;&quot ;tied together ,suddenly ,it seems like the back had a high school biology class.
Let me go parotid ,submandibular gland and the Gunners win Barcelona :do not talk to go up the great treasure ,but England refused to become Copenhagen grassroots Torres the red classics is a memory a harsh lesson &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;three &quot ;third castle ,Panpan toss when Sue ?Dandong CBA Youth League Fans petitioned the &quot ;&quot ;the Football Association for hosting the world cup should bid to host the 2026 World Cup !Let &quot ;B52&quot ;bullet penetrating walls .
.. England refuses to become Copenhagen grassroots ... Torres the red classics has become a memory ... &quot ;three &quot ;third castle ,Panpan toss ... When the night is over there will always be sunshine Bella winner is he off Wilshire a sophisticated signal side simply Wenger bets ,not blocked up the League Cup for the meaning of life is infinite approximation Gunners Carling Cup Premiership crayon Shinchan one gunman opened the gate of victory chuck Mark ,non-mainstream Africans 9 gunmenrotations of the advantages and disadvantages of Wenger won the ten best what Van Persie does in the data would have a better future Tsar inventory shooter 2010 ten classicbattle for the Gunners and the new page is three points the day is doomed to count Barcelona headhunt six gunmen Titans Arsenal &quot Barcelona revelation ;&quot ;top war ,Nasri college entrance examination for Sarnia red a new worry shooter 18 minutesplaying speed Arsenal successfully win the guerrilla warfare Gallas has been included in the list of traitors in temperature Buli night for the professor of soldiers Three Musketeers at slaughter knife Arsenal for the young wolf pay waist gunner &quot ;&quot ;and put an end to life from fire Gunners draw nutrients needed to prevent cold war West Ham .
The elegant interpretation of God one of &quot ;ten years of optimal &quot ;- Wenger birthday Gunners champions Chuck Ma Kecheng is singing gunman fire power than Barcelona is not great
,but is worth the collection brave ground be curse of the Chelsea two old fingers premier memory gunman deduction polar rescue tiger Walcott &quot ;&quot ;Xiao Sheikh Torres classic
red has become the memory of Baer will be anxious to dial back to White Hart Lane spurs goal line diagram inter Champions League a fatalism Transmigration old boy :the right to dream Dear
Mama Song format of country foot ,CCTV in order to remove what ?Obama peace prize is awarded to &quot ;wise &quot ;green Davos in China have red ?Experts reform is not the word ,is
a lonely green dam is a dark horse ,file very red English level Four :serious can be playful sentimental writers in ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,composition of the university entrance exam in &quot ;&quot and &quot
;Chinese characteristics ;in line with international standards &quot ;don make any trouble from the swine flu virus in gotten inspiration House Committee of wind ,students will be more
education is Wu Song bastard ,,the student is the tiger Hangzhou ground collapse ,the official human nature not weak ?Not the good teacher should also be respected tainted glasses why so
popular ?Since be cynical ,then love red Dust the teacher without watching porn right ?I have &quot ;moral level Four &quot ;certificate of copycat charming eyes, grassroots no limit
no lovers day ,say love &quot &quot ;East Asia ;signs have been kicked ?Ai Iijima died in loneliness ,media reports through the Olympic opening ceremony hot transported false elite characteristics

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