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Yu Dan's view of marriage is very reliable woman want to have a

Yu Dan :a good mate must be so ,me because you love all the world ,I know my parents bringing heavy ,know to have their own circle of friends ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,know to the world to do many wonderful things .
Your love I can live up to HH marriage is a beaker ,to enter the two person is actually two active element. If not know yourself go in search of another element ,then it is possible, you find a good elements ,but the good elements between you and no response ,and even generate a bad reaction of HH conditions of a happy marriage :have a clear cognition to Hers: say happy family similar ,do you think the happy marriage what mode can draw ?Yu Dan :good marriage without fixed pattern .
But in a good marriage before, must first understand ourselves .To choose the most suitable ,Nucleic acid extraction based,but not the best. Every girl all is vanity, but particularly important point :your marriage is not the exhibits ,your choice of this man ,was the father of your child ,your parents son-in-law ,your spouse, your hand ,until the old man.
These things are not for others to see . Hers: can you share your personal experience ?Yu Dan :marriage is a chemical reaction ,not 1+1 physicalconnection .Marriage is a beaker ,to enter the two person is actually two active element ,you are what you need and what elements ,elements together will have a benign .
Reaction ?If not know yourself go in search of another element ,then it is possible, you find a good elements ,but the good elements between you and no response ,and even generate a bad reaction.
This is like buying the same clothes, girls like gorgeous fashion ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,and all the clothes you are be mad to buy home ?You will know some clothes are not suitable for you .Why not take this understanding is put in marriage ?Hers: many people think that love and marriage are different ,love to find a lover ,marriage is looking for a husband, you think of love and marriage can be separated ?No love whether the marriage would be happy ?Yu Dan :I is a love person.
Also had been with me, say love has been talked about for years ,covered all over with cuts and bruises ,only to find a suitable person to marry off. I definitely don agree .If you enter a marriage ,You are on this man is not responsible for .
Do you want only obtainable from this marriage ,you enter it with no loyalty ,hard to say you will never fall in love with someone else ,your speech and deportment to bring out the information will let him know ,you do not have love to him .
This is equal to you in the choice of a marriage has been planted the bad seed .So still that sentence ,before entering into a marriage before, you must know who you are ,what do you want most ,you can make a marriage filled with romance.
A good marriage is a romantic ,and love is romantic source. If marriage blocked romance the the road ,you will go to the marriage to find .So I choose what kind of marriage is happy ,or from the choice of what kind of love starts .
What is your self ,will encounter what kind of love .The best marriage is fusion ,agree with each other circle ,love each other family ,accept each other friend ,because each other, you love this world more than before ,you know the parents bringing heavy ,know to the world to do many wonderful things HH a happy marriage scale :give each other 3 evaluationHers: modern women in the workplace and more wind Light ,but often confused as to what is suitable for their own marriage, what do this have relatively measurable indicators ?Yu Dan :the problem is I often and my girl students talked about .
I always say ,about marriage ,please be sure to do a good job in 3 aspects :1,the evaluation of your spiritual life really have a tacit agreement ?On values have identity ?Whether can you cover his presence ,let you have a kind of spirit deep attachment ?Love this thing is not a substitute for it ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,because you want to have a lifetime .
A special love of money and do not love a person money together ,will be the two person conflict with each other ;a particularly like friends and a particularly hated social people could not coordinated .
These anything that vanishes in a flash with very important. 2,your social life will be enough fusion ?Love is two person ,but the marriage is the two social groups .The best marriage is fusion ,agree with each other .
Circle each other ,love family ,accept each other ,because of each other, you love the world more than before ,you know parents bringing heavy ,know to run their own circle of friends ,know to the world to do many wonderful things .
This admission ,will let You feel more roots ,in addition to love and kindness. 3,your sexual relationship ?This is a very important index .The passion between men and women ,depending on the physical level of integration between .
If your body is not a tacit understanding ,that you may not be directly put it out ,but a little things there will be war ,data recovery .It is the marriage of the seven year itch &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot three year itch ;cause .
??The three indicators as long as there is a less than 60 points ,I think it can rush into marriage .Hers: there is a saying popular, is a good marriage needs &quot &quot ;equal ;,do you agree with ?Yu Dan :I don pick parentage ,but will pick two individual values tacit understanding ,and values can be acquired education form .
Between the two values is more important than me ,because each person is not a captive in the house ,you will enter into the society ,to go to work .I and my husband two family environment do not particularly like.
My father was an intellectual, for many years engaged in the study of literature and history ,I was the back ancient poetry word up, be carefully protected. But my father is an ordinary worker ,home The four son ,can be said that a particularly rough life.
But I like my grandma said a word :&quot ;base keep son ,your daughter .&quot ;girls should your raise, Beijing translation company ,let her have the experience to mind ;boys to travel.
My husband family boss, three brother, listen to him, so my husband used to be willing to assume responsibility. I and husband marriage although not married, but had just reached the symmetrical and complementary .
Into the marriage, when two people first with nothing, second are richer than the world. Nothing is as equal ,before all the bills have apart ;the rich than the world is because of love, because of these two individuals will be happy marriage life HH elements: &amp &amp equality ;inclusion ;growth of Hers: a lot of good women in marriage will complain ,find themselves married to lose, you feel that their errors in where? Yu Dan :in marriage, not with age ,the position that .
In at the beginning of the marriage ,the smart woman will be two people into the absolute equality of status ,before all the bills are apart ,even don .You 10 years younger than him,your youth and beauty ,you more than his name is big ,you more than he is rich HH that has not Be superior ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,was unwilling to reason.
As everyone knows there is such a story :Queen Elizabeth to socialize home very late ,found that the bedroom door shut .The queen stood in the door to door ,the husband asked :&quot ;&quot ;the queen who is ?Answer :&quot ;&quot ;is the queen .
Her husband without opening the door. She was struck ,her husband asked again ,the queen answered :&quot ;&quot ;her husband is Elizabeth. Or without opening the door. Elizabeth queen seems to be aware of what, finally, she answered :&quot ;dear ,you are my wife Elizabeth.
&quot ;hearing this ,her husband only to open the door .??Tell this story we ,no woman to qualify in front of your lord it over others .Enter into marriage ,two people are the first nothing ,second are richer than the world.
Nothing is as equal ,all the bills have torn ,rich than the world is because of love, because of these two individuals will be lifelong .Hers: tolerance is a happy marriage the essential criterion ,specifically ,how to interpret ?Yu Dan :&quot &quot &quot ;inclusion ;volume ;&quot ;word has two solutions :one is a woman to be beautiful, that is the face ;a woman heart is metric ,it is inside you .
Manners are a gentle glory ,that you are a woman of atmosphere ;your heart is a big measure ,that you are a happy woman .Hers: does this mean that women will greatly change myself ?Yu Dan :many concepts are not in conflict, containment is not equal to the obedience and connivance .
People to face ,two people in the private occasions but to speak frankly and sincerely .I suggest a problem might in the bedroom talk ,talk not approach can also have body language ,what intimacy will go away soon ,won to the cold war situation.
Marriage needs love ,[is] Yao Zhao wrote to Ling Xiaosu's doubts,also need wisdom .Modern society ,some women see marriage is the biggest mistake ,they refuse to grow up ,that man to take care of the woman is the thing as unalterable principles ,is affected by the conscience and responsibility restraint .
Marriage responsibility and conscience is indeed important, but also cannot exaggerate its function. A woman marriage requires not only by conscience and responsibility ,you have to have their own charm ,so that their marriage has been a living ,not dead as a contract.
Hers: women in marriage and growth in a happy marriage is another major factor ?Yu Dan :I feel that the most beautiful things in the world Is the growth ,the life of a person need to grow ,the marriage of two individuals need to grow ,that is to say a person can love itself without the fear of aging ,because she always grow up, she has to contend with the time the weapon ,she has confidence ,she saw her own life bloom .
A marriage constantly growing up ,you in a marriage, you always can feel the romantic lover .Not because the busy and pressure loss in two individual private time ,vacation ,to leisure, nothing about friends ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,talk about the world ,evaluation of what happens to children and the elderly ,chat ,Test your miss you,this communication ,will let you has been feeling very fit.
As brain alive this person needs reason ,want to have sense of responsibility ,the family is running smoothly ;as the heart of man alive ,let a naive ,romantic ,happy ,have a dream .
It is a balanced combination of HH component :a happy marriage &quot ;family of brain &quot ;&quot ;&quot family heart ;the delicate balance of Hers: Women and happy marital conflict ?Yu Dan: women have independent of her own world is very complete, then her marriage and love only To give without the need to obtain.
She can create ,can stimulate new vitality ,she can pleasure and enjoyment ,but she will not face of a piece of balsam pear with husband and child said I was to you ,you have to give me anything.
So I think the independence and happiness marriage without conflict ,independent woman will contain the independent ,more inclusive ,because she thought her husband owe her. Hers: you to two person family role division what? Yu Dan :in a marriage ,two people in the family role will have a casual division .
A good marriage is balanced ,this requires a person as &quot ;family head &quot ;alive ,another one is for &quot ;family heart &quot ;alive. As brain alive that person should be rational ,to grasp the family money ,elderly support ,children and so on ,this person will be responsible ,family is running very fluent ;as the heart of man alive ,let the family romance ,naive ,happiness, dream .
A reliable ,a reliable ,is a balanced combination. I often have some reliable idea ,was 7 at the end ofmy husband ,daughter and is going to Vacation in Japan husband ,given the spread of influenza and other factors ,resolutely to veto .
I would be frustrated ,but I would argue with him. I say we don go to Japan ,go to Dalian ,also the seaside !This proposal was husband to accept .This is heart and brain theory .I think he is not reliable ,carrying a child to Mount Qomolangma things can dry out ,but if not I ,that we even Dalian are going into the nest ,we will stay at home for a vacation, boring ,quarrel, less.

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