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Casual shoes

In 2009 08 months24 days,casual shoes definition of leisure is the ancient people seeking a survival situation ,a way of life ,is the ancient civilization in the ancient times in the life of a particular representation .
Leisure in contemporary life to become a fashion symbol ,culvert cover all aspects of life ,such as walking ,fitness ,travel ,shopping and so on. Please me ,enjoy the colorful life ,leisure has become a modern people seek not to little life ,life quality refers to the one.
Casual shoes concept ,connotation and function with the new career fantasies and method .Thin coherent .People to borrow for shoes design ,brand and connotation to polish up since the people ,show people ,self made an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic energy content.
Since the use of perspective ,casual shoes should be applicable and the two basic functions ,the lack of which one will be severe effects of leisure shoes use, really function casual shoes have the condition, aesthetic ,means to casual shoes mainly extended function .
Because casual shoes responsive to the speed of economy in the period of fast rhythm of people for leisure life hope, so will become popular topic ,people Aesthetic view and also along with the social economy rapid change and increasingly personalized ,diversified characteristics ,comfortable ,fashion ,personality ,Ankang becomes people attention the focal plane and a new favorite.
2009 -2010Chinashoes industry trend research and development forecast and analysis report for casual shoes industry development present situation analysis on 2009,and the development prospect is forecast.
Two ,casual shoes function choose a pair of appropriate shoes is very important. In general and ,if go to the beach or visit the mountain victory remains, can choose to wear sports shoes or casual shoes ;if to go to the mountains ,mountain climbing ,or home expedition mainly the best choice of soles ,large particles ,strong grip ,non-slip wear sports shoes.
1 volume suitableis the first to C ,then called shock + catch Tianli + against astringent + insulation general road ,if to boreal or island ,The bad weather, the hot summer has come 12W+4D ,for water sports and land place ,optional wear sports sandals or leisure shoes ;to will the suburbs, to visit or shopping for fabrics mainly ,suggestions are selected to wear ordinary flat shoes can; if to go to the mountains ,mountain ,sweat or jungle adventure and other outdoor sports mainly ,the best selection of soles particles ,Strong grip, astringent ,preventing wear sports shoes as well.
Read down the feet when walking with the punch ,the key depends on shoe design. &quot called &quot ;shock ;but ,thin shoes than thin leather sole shoes a lot. If shoes called shattering effect is not good, formed very easily the foot is uncomfortable ,cause pain.
On the other hand ,the professional leisure shoes also have air cushion design ,effectively reduce the impulse .Fit people mechanics integrated design ,can let a complete clutch ,even over long distances, or tired.
You might as well choose to buy the initiative in a match ,the most important ,is - - try look ,let your feet to score. 2 shoesdesign analysis of high-performance sports system -- either walking or climbing rock climbing ,your feet are often repeated in the four movements - Brake ( check Shibuya ) ,Sopport ( support ) ,Flex ( stretch ) ,Propet ( drive ) ,The charm of advertisement language,while the foot pressure is roughly along the central line is S type dispersal.
High efficiency movement system according to the different pressure distribution ,offer enhanced conflict ,retractable toughness and suitable long dress . ACT TECHNOLOGY four heavy perspiration system -- the first wicking lining is exposed skin absorb sweat.
Second heavy perspiration inside using man Fibres padded tongue ,instead of ordinary shoes with air cushion ,to accelerate the air flow and temperature .Third breathable nylon sutures can be rapid moisture from the first ,the double internal wave .
Finally a heavy drain shoe tongue ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,taken through bearing high needle fiber mixed mild mitral dragon RPS cool design ,all of the foot sweat evaporating clean ,adhere to the feet dry .
3a variety of activitiesin law :a. Shopping :ordinary clothing + leisure shoes B. The excursion :windproof coat + multifunctional outdoor sports shoes or sandals C. Snow :snow + waterproof boots or snow boots D.
Jungle ,swamps :waterproof jacket + sport sandals or sail boat shoes e. Climbing ,fishing :windproof ungrateful + multifunctional outdoor sports shoes f. Selection principle :lightweight ,durable ,parts function will be all together three ,casual shoes with the leisure sports is the main component of fashion clothing ,as clothing department must conform to the times ,tidal flow.
Leisure sports shoes to show the wearer export state ,publicity of dress are aesthetic and outlook on life ,personal quality and civilized accomplishment of a reflection. Since IT bound to the middle class to the blue lion, leisure sports shoes to pop ,it gives oneself in order to sex Life meaning,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, its individuality and shoot was born in end middle-class life ,classical and give people a pregnant Chen Qiran different style ,but also as a youth vitality to conquer all &quot ;soldiers ,they become &quot ;quality of life meaning, symbol of their spiritual value and back .
Deluxe is a style ,leisure is a kind of style .Leisure sports shoes leisure style and complicated style Union ,youth vitality ,enthusiasm towards a leisure sports shoes inner style and used ,weak ,dynamic beats more protruding reveals a kind of independent ego style.
In recent years the development of footwear pop rule ,the 2009 spring and summer leisure sports shoes will appear the following trend. 1 color(1 )red in the spring and summer is always white world ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,sports and wind restoring ancient ways ,but also will be highly white to very high status.
The wild brands have launched white sports shoes ,leather shoes ,casual shoes and other design course .Have milky white ,gray and other colors, but still are mainly white .( 2)the golden fashion shoes launched various kinds of &quot ;& &quot ;color series ,such as purple ,green ,yellow and so on .
NIKE Valentine Edition is white, shoes and also paintings A rose. But ,the most eye-catching color is golden .Miscellaneous golden shoes want to sports fans are not strange ,like Nike have successively for Mike I ?Johnson and Liu Xiang carefully make work the golden shoes ,shoes like is covered with gold armor gold saint ,a regal .
Back row laddin duct line PUMA also launched a very dazzling bright golden shoes ,wear check collected and refined. ( 3)color with variegated leisure sports shoes won the day already by go ,double lubricious collocation or polychromatic collocation of casual sports shoes is by consumer favorite.
Different color scheme shows different styles :pink and black collocation ,gentle and stable ;black and white collocation ,show bright character ;peach white and black colors ,active beloved .
In addition ,leisure sports shoes but also for the various consumption crowd launched several &quot ;&quot ;&quot style .Leisure and elegant ;&quot ;type of feature is Pastel Color instead of the bright warm tones ;&quot ;and light phantom &quot ;type is the Deluxe ,increased many young modern breath ;&quot ;obscure warmth &quot ;type to the crystal clear bright light bright color Convex implicit rub a brilliant tone ;&quot ;natural refreshing &quot ;type with full dynamism and wisdom of blue and green, let yourself feel &quot ;return to natural &quot ;leisure and nervous.
General speaking, leisure sports shoes colorful brave ,changed to sports shoes and boring color ,white ,white ,blue ,yellow ,black and other colors colorful, is the preservation of traditional two-color striped assembly basically ,to further broaden the less color ,many forms of collocation .
Detailed changes body now :contracted aesthetic :shades of near white line is a main tone ,reflects contracted aesthetic style. Heat shield spear :orange and orange and white collocation ,would constitute a conflict of combination ;navy blue ,grey silver and other hot color formation of the subject ,is linked to the 2008 Beijing Olympic football on the red ,yellow ,green .
Subtle feeling :green lines in brightness and purity will further promotion ,in order to emphasize the visual and tactile fine feeling .And the gold and silver will become more important to decorate ,make more metallic materials.
Infinite tension :in 2008 the casual sports shoes fashion color ,has black ,white, the most simple color ,but with Infinite tension .Cleaning elegant :Women sports shoes with red ,orange ,pink ,white ,gold as the branch ,in convex soft at the same time, the more muddy pure elegant volume .
2 stylesof casual sports shoes most basic request is to be comfortable ,light namely ,personality ,therefore ,maintenance resistance and efficacy will still be casual sports shoes emphasizes two important characteristics .
Design features retro trendy combined ,in a style will be more expansionary ,convex streamline motion .Men sports shoes business model tends to be more emotional stress ,elegant and generous ,modelling concise ,fluent.
Women sports shoes for quiet, gentle and stable, styling changes little .In style ,reflects the simple lines ,floating line ,lyrical and light ,but also to the people to stop the speed .
On the whole is to simplify development. Jane is the winter leisure shoes the main yardstick .Its development trend is to emphasize the quiet romantic the average visual style, sophistication ,all kinds of material mixed use and convenient wear structure design .
Man casual shoes is emphasized natural pure ,sports shoes and boots is owed tributary style ,in order to comply with the needs of outdoor sports .The color will a large number of take and nature attraction when the character is Winter leisure shoes as the yardstick .
Its development trend is to emphasize volume suitable romantic style ,slick average visual .( 1)luxury complex reflected tension confrontation ,conflict is reflected sound again ,both mixed assembly, complicated with an elegant air.
In leisure sports shoes fashion stage, large areas of disagreement wrong misnamed frill laminated ,casual canvas burr ,make it a quarter more eye-catching. ( 2)Sports Culture Sports wind blew and blew ,often blow, costume movement has represent the general trend .
Due to the 2008 Olympicvictory is held ,many international brand name introduced the Olympic atmosphere of leisure sports style shoes and shoe .Help top line ,has the strong Mercedes and sprint charm ,active ,settling velocity, very dynamic.
( 3)the future ,always with Chen ,is time innovation .&quot &quot ;in the future ;is a popular trend ,such as sports shoes .- really is the shoes ,but shoes leather ,shoes materials more diverse.
In civilization level, sports shoes have and exercise some detachment, very significant tomorrow are exposed to fashion the sign .Shoes help and the shoe top contour line design ,appeared diversification trend, fully expressed the romantic ,leisure ,clutch , active and prance feelings.
3materialin the material, casual sports shoes is also different .Ultraviolet resistant fabric ,entrance of superfine fiber cloth and other new materials ,as well as genuine leather ,nylon fabric ,suede ,suede and other will replace to various canvas ;camouflage ,leopard ,FENBO such as pop color canvas shoes market makes more leisure activities extraordinary splendor .
In addition ,some technology element an infusion of new information ,such as pay meters anti-mildew antibacterial lining series, top cloth series ,three bright random mesh series ,also make casual sports shoes with some new health care functions and 4agronomic( to do with.
1)the car off line generally get off two ,in order to increase the thickness of line ,appears rough and strong ;in the lines of a diluted ,double good car ,can be added to the line speed and maneuverability.
( 2)computer embroidery in tongue ,eyebrow sheets ,after the set ,sideways and position. Computer embroidery in addition to inherit several previous decoration in the modeling ,color ,quality and other aspects of the changes, the most prominent is also provided with a gloss on change.
Because the embroidery thread has a natural luster ,Yue goal ,makes the embroidery ,and attractive, so can improve the quality and value of the shoe .( 3)edge can make lines show lubrication ,neat ,In consequence ,not only improve the strength ,and the convex parts of contour shape.
( 4)printed at present, casual sports shoes used printed mostly is the screen printing .The operation simple ,low cost ,in addition to the shape change ,more important is to pass the color change to enrich leisure sports shoes types ,a pattern to match a variety of colors .
( 5)is a thermoplastic material warm cutting through the warm die pressure applied in cutting ,welding and &quot ;&quot ;in part ,simultaneous color embossed pattern a kind of decoration .
There is also a kind of both simple agronomic economic decorative approach ,shape change, color change ,change ,and change in gloss is planar .Bright eye-catching decoration parts ,printing more lively than consequences .
Four ,,how to buy good pair of shoes 1mustpractice measure try ,do not use before shoe size to inference ,full size could be changed .2donsize number puzzles ,regardless of size ,British European size or good state size ( also men and women ) ,the size of the Meng Zao shoe factory scale and design effect ,the best is still much try on several nearby size 3 nightBuy shoes !At night, one foot slightly inflated, as in the mountain walkway .
4willgradually try ,don I urgently make decision. In preparation for the two half to buy a good pair of shoes ,try try different brands take little shoes .5 withmy socks, best is used to remove with climbing shoes Socks 6tieshoelaces ,toe to see if the activities encountered anterior wall ,new shoes temporarily ,may grow slightly in width and thickness, but never added length ,too less shoes will often playing touch toes and nails 7 try,wearing shoes line ,on one hand new shoe leather or fiber is more elastic ,hand can also test whether there are not easy to find the comfortable office 8 to buysuitable use shoes ,but don want a pair of shoes with all useless.
It not only for an extraordinary journey to purchase a pair of special function shoes. 9catchfoot feel ,pick a pair of the most comfortable ,with the pair of scales to try all the shoes ,as long as a person to know which shoes are most suitable for you ,is I .
Five ,casual shoes sports shoes of the maintenance of the maintenance and use of information 1 to buythe shoes for the maintenance and use of notes ;2 vampdirty ,with a hard cloth ,dipped water or washing Agent was wiping shoes .
And let majesty .Special shoes, Meng Chao shoes ,when to put is cold cold .To prevent direct sunlight or high temperature baking ,lest cause aging ,deformation and fading .Take 3to preventsharp objects from chemicals to make contact .
4 casual shoes,sandals you should avoid strenuous exercise .5maintenancetwo more alternative shoes allow the shoe to rest by turns .6 clothshoes can be regularly sprayed with water ,antifouling spray adhere to the vamp.
Avoid sand permeability .Sports shoes to designed shoes special ,some shoes belonging to the leisure footwear ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,unsuitable for vigorous exercise .Avoid :use a hair brush to wipe the vamp ;the use of inferior shoe polish ,often water inferior shoe polish ,sun ,fire ,will cause the deformation of shoes ,net surface breaking and opening glue .
Just mind sports shoes maintenance check is also very easily .Especially leather footwear maintenance and use instructions 1 ,grind sand ?Skin ,brown leather and other leather industry and avoid the wet paint water and shoe polish ,use brush or white rubber ,gently wipe stains ,which stain skin discoloration is a general phenomenon ,wearing should prevent wear light colored socks .
2velvetmaterial should hide any water wet and stained with shoe polish ,available hard brush clean. 3leather shoes,leather shoes and edge is not available The shoe or shoe polish and clean maintenance ,only boring hard cloth decontamination .
Real leather shoes in addition to dust when next to shoe polish in order to ensure the flexibility of red leather ,soft leather with red liquid shoe polish ,not to use the paste shoe polish ,leather and skin color differences can be colored paste or liquid shoe polish ;artificial leather types of shoes available water wipe wash, cleaning after the vamp cleaning do ;frosted leather shoes brush can be used to dust on a shoe upper with the same side back brush clean can.
Ecco wash way 1,put the shoes and lace leave neutral fat white / pink water .Wash shoes insoles ,pulled using a soft bristle brush gently wash wipe ,then clean .2,insole toe morning in ventilated cold dry shoes .
3,dry ,use the shoes will help shoes recovery form ;may be the newspaper plug in the shoes. The newspaper is kill two birds with one stone function ,can not only help to recover the phase ,and also can agile receiving the shoes in moisture .
4,the sole wall toe morning morning ,drafty dry at room temperature ,so to avoid flooding into the bottom foam material .( due to the foaming material is not easy to dry ,so the initiative will not wet shoes flat shoes .
) 5,did the newspaper out ,again Make shoes clothes for a little while. 6,power quality of direct sunlight ,blowing wind turbines heating and not the nursing methods have reduced the service life of shoes of daily practice .
7athletes,two pairs of shoes over the optimal preparation activities ,so that every alternative .8shoesDai Qian ,preferably in the drafty and shelf one day, so that shoes have sufficient time to dry .
9athletesand sports fans should always wear the purchase of sports shoes. In order to extend the service life of shoes ,the vast number of washing. 10 running shoeson the nylon mesh cloth and artificial leather is easily available seaman home ,wash ,it is best not to use washing machine wash or water immersion .
Knowledge of 1do not put shoesand acid ,alkali and other contact ;2 do notrain leaching ,water ,sunlight ,brush fire ;3oftenwipe leather shoe polish ,common for at least three or four days wipe once; 4 insistleather soft ,bright ,the storage in the dry place ;this shop specializes in sports shoes ,fashion shoes ,we in product quality assurance at first at the same time ,to quality service to bring you a new feeling.
For the first time in the store or in any of the following shops to buy any goods ,all packet post! Collection of shops more concessions or gift you bask Oh !If we have any Any questions or suggestions ,please contact our online hi or Wangwang or QQ .
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