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China should launch a Muckraking Movement

China should launch a &quot &quot ;muckraking ;movement of either the Chinese history of supervisors system ,or American Muckraking Movement ,is the public opinion supervision to prevent social change and promote the economic development of medicine ,if the loss of the medicine ,the body may occur if the lesion.
Supervision by public opinion in China is not easy ,in this take power as the center is running for thousands of years of ancient ,because character convicted or plot against the example ,it is often seen.
.we advocate to rule the country by law, it should pay more attention to tiny individual ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,it is these tiny life ,promote the progress of Chinese society. Why containment power expansion ,feudal dynasty still can build various system ,prompted the supervisors supervise ability ,making the entire power group not because of some special arrogant bureaucrats ,together with the fall of the ancient words .
Officer is not easy, many supervisors lost man .The song once do better, the founding emperor announced that never kill words to their supervisors ,because they know ,say ,is to protect the entire Dynasty one of the most important forces .
The order rule visible ,usually airing occlusion ,a small group of flurry of chaos ,always social decline sign ,usually airing wide Open ,talented in sight ,is social peace sign.
We must sum up historical experience lesson ,promote social and economic synchronism rapid progress. Time to China in twenty-first Century ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,especially recently ,because the word trouble things in particular, first the Economic Observer newspaper reporters were &quot &quot ;wanted ,again ;is the daily news newspaper by the road ,then the newspaper reporter accident ,there is the China Times reporter was a premeditated attack.
Observation of these cases in common ,many listed companies is to expose the scandal or the company insider offended by these companies ,and these companies have very capable ,as power to bend ,or other forces to drive ,it caused the pile and a pile of defying the laws of farce .
Not only that ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,but directly by the power of the wanted ,had happened many cases chase provinces because character guilty case ,and directly to the people newspaper arrests, local officials taking the police to catch the reporter ,and the threat of an interview with reporters, the media running right of public opinion supervision is always the power of using various 99tostop ,if things go on like this ,the channels are not blocked ?Close your eyes and ears to plug the audio-visual ,don Facts do not exist ?Therefore ,,there are problems still need to be solved ,but not the three tricks ,this will only intensify the contradiction .
The damage to the company business reputation and the crime of defamation of public opinion supervisor became the head of a sword ,can according to these charges of malicious arrest. It two charge, become accident management and owner of the umbrella ,how can this clothing world ?Officials and police should know ,is the government and the people to your job and power ,you can dig the corner.
Listed companies or ,or various officials ,should be clear, stifle criticisms and suggestions or malicious retaliation ,not just capacity problems ,or the character of the problem ,is illegal illicit things.
If this evil wind don me,After ~ ~ injury, all kinds of crimes and errors ,it is difficult to understand in the world, sedimentation is more long, the thing is bigger. Not only as a reporter or public opinion supervisor grievance ,but because both use the judicial organs or the police attempt to &quot ;&quot ;these problems ,will damage the news about parties power ,or damage to the power of the state ,the dignity of the law .
As for the next three abuse such as employment of various threat ,is despised by the people, believe them Feel shame. The United States was a muckraking ,successfully contributed to the United States market economy ,American economy rises abruptly laid the foundation.
Information display ,the second half of the nineteenth Century ,the United States control the economic lifelines of the economic giant in order to consolidate the monopoly position ,to ignore the interests of staff ,external harm public interest as the important means to make money ,to pursue the so-called &quot ;as long as I can get rich, make the public interest to hell with &quot ;business philosophy ,caused the social public opinion strongly dissatisfied and attack ,the appearance of more than 2000 articlesexposing the real industry the scandals ,the formation of the modern American history the famous &quot ;muckraking &quot ;&quot .
&quot ;muckraking ;movement which lasted for more than ten years, some famous writers were also involved ,such as Norris Frank .octopus ,,abyss ,for some large companies the vices made vivid ,lifelike unmasked.
Upton .Sinclair slaughterhouse expose Chicago meat plant dirty dark alarming ,it is said that the old president Roosevelt ever dare not eat sausage ,and led to the government by law on food hygiene .
&quot ;muckraking &quot ;motion urges the society to wake up ,people Begin with various evils fight. Various legislation such as the flood tide, relates to all aspects of social life .As the pure food and Drug Administration Law ,Work, music, exercise,meat inspection law ,antitrust law and so on ,in the women ,the initiative ,referendum ,Self, self-esteem, conceited,recall ,voters to vote directly ,reduce preselection a number of officials ,proportional representation ,housing ,education ,employment, social insurance and social welfare have made major reform.
These measures ,effective curb corruption ,quickly relieve been confront each other with daggers potential social contradiction. More important is ,American muckraking ,avoids the United States social unrest social legislation ,so that more perfect ,promote the sustainable development of economy, the formation of a stable society by various mechanisms ,making the United States to avoid all kinds of &quot &quot ;disaster ;China .
Currently in the process of marketization ,commercial scandal is inevitable, but if these scandals continue to breed ,cannot let it see the sun ,the only damage market order ,encourage the power to adopt illegal means to go to the contrary ,the ultimate damage or the interests of the state .
No matter from the experience and lessons of such officer ,or from the United States .Muckraking Movement to bring the actual effect ,we should all strive to resolve the current repeated because character disaster tragedy ,not to the behavior of public interest losses.

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