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The target for each class of 70 points

With the increasingly busy work ,found himself increasingly difficult to calm down the old memories. Only think of where we wrote there .The Spring Festival at home, a year in June to participate in college entrance examination is confused in physical performance and language achievement .
Last year, I told him, must have his idea ,must insist you think is the right path ,must persevere to exercise ,let the body to help mental play. However ,these ,may not suitable for his lifestyle, he said he is accustomed to running, don Chinese is so poor.
A year ago, his English is very poor, anxious fire ,now worrying about is Chinese ,I say ,Chinese and English nature is the same, how to improve the English language ,also can be to do the same.
Think about three times ,politics ,history ,geography is the worst ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,mathematics and English are relatively good ,language is the medium level. At that time, I put every course objectives are set to 70(in previous years college entrance examination condition ,an average of 70 to twothis was basically ) ,computing ,mathematics and English can grow somewhat ,Chinese barely able to self ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,may 65no problem,But what no way to achieve 70 points,the key looks at last year ,historical and geographical achievement .
Because of the politics ,history and geography has never happened before dawn ,so ,average score 70 goals for me has been needed to work .70Difficultywith ordinary test 100comparison,70 pointsseems to be very easy to get, however ,the fact proves ,at an average of 70 points is not easy .
Every month ,Two pairs of Furla sandals,the number of English language is every 150 minutes,only every door to reach 105 points to hit the target ,however ,we often take 90 minutes to measure whether pass regardless of others .
How to measure ,from time to time I still want to look at the target ,regardless of whether the scores in the class is ranked number ,I simply result with their target to still have many far .
In fact ,language scores more than 105 points whenvery few ,mostly within 100 points. Math is no spectrum ,sometimes the result is very high ,sometimes the teacher deliberately difficult problem ,maybe less than 90 hours .
English is relatively stable, basically can be in more than 100 points. But politics ,history and geography ,might even mean points to 60 points a little difficulty ,each 10 points,pressure Can say little.
But political teachers and history teacher is very hard ,usually not sloppy ,so ,I believe in themselves but also certain can be dependent on the spiritual prop ,but not too nervous. Because the mathematics teacher and the teacher of English speciality, I always warn myself: don rely on their own efforts ,then waiting drink the northwest wind .
So ,I arranged 6 English bookand 5 mathematics book,making a study plan ,a month to get a book .Careful calculation ,every available extracurricular time of less than 3 hours,a month is only 90 hours,,90 hourswant to get an English book and a math book ,rough seems to be difficult, however ,the first month of the MM has proved impossible to make a study plan .
Until now ,Changchun 'descriptive, taste the truth _ Hua Zi _ Sina blog,I was very moved by his courage and hard in those days ,this is me so many years have been gradually forgotten spirit. Study plan in the course of execution, the first month of shows ,too observant of conventional standards.
Is not possible to perform its own additional learning program ,teachers problems to do ,usually to keep up with the progress ,I all the time with the rest of the students are as like as two peas .
I am not a genius ,I may not be what You are better than others .So ,my extra study plan almost nothing. However ,the original plan had the remaining 12 monthsare considered finished ,I can not in the last eleventh months still learning a month ago have not completed the first book.
Then ,in second months ,I started English and maths, second books ,and tell yourself to take the time to the first book to fill up .What ,since I found books importance later ,I found myself must use the same method ,at the same time the 5history book,the 5 politicalnumber ,3geography bookall over ,is his first round review .
At that time ,all the teachers in new text, didn ,I tell myself ,I in review before once more ,it is called a &quot ;the slow need to start early. &quot ;,primarily to the teacher the review, I can easily keep up with progress .
At that time ,I have been aware of the skill comes. &quot ;&quot ;,conscious mind foundation is easier in case of receiving further and consolidate knowledge .So ,I determined to put all subjects except Chinese first pass ( now ,at the most should not be The Chinese are excluded ,the Chinese get badly ,failing to reach the goal they set for themselves ) .
Squeeze a sponge like time and efficiency of college entrance examination before the countdown in twelfth months time ,I guarantee the normal pace of learning situations, while their first round review ,but soon, I found results after two weeks ,very little ,see yourself once again go through things ,I have almost forgotten.
It once let me very confused .I hopeless confusion ?Fortunately did not last long ,I told myself ,human effort is the decisive factor. ,I have stepped on this boat. ,and had sailed, I do not retreat .
In this case ,only to continue. The question ,only to find a solution ,can not complain or regret ,can not escape .I finally understand ,time is fair to everyone ,I can squeeze out of time, all of the college students the same can be done for liberal arts idiot .
But to me, do not improve efficiency can only wait for death ,was eliminated as were thrown into the sea to feed the sharks, is bound to waste all the previous efforts also left a fishy smell .
In order not to be eliminated ,can take the second road is to improve the efficiency of learning ,a Must grasp the knowledge !This was just out of college entrance examination achievement in August ,the sister told me sorry ,only to a local college school ,very very sorry ,she said she the examination a few days high fever ,may be too much pressure, plus high pressure physical discomfort.
Too big to have a fever matter, teachers usually tell, but I in the graduation exam, also experienced the sort of regret ,so ,I request myself to exercise the body, can recommit the same error .
The third graduation exam time, actually at that time has already achieved is the school before 15 ,listed a is no problem things ,however ,the test that several days ,I always feel cold ,before each exam take two cold medicine ,to the examination room is not open eyes ,be sleepy straws.
.finally, with 5 difference can not listed ,but on August, I ,II .Every night at second day .After class go to the playground running ,running three laps 900 metersback to the classroom ,Between men and women eight ask ten do not understand,when beginning ,very hard ,and the feeling of section third .
Be sleepy straws. ,is very clear to me that is just beginning not accustomed to ,so ,as long as adhere to it, will be used to the fact !That ,more than a week later ,Adidas Porsche Design,the third Festival .
No longer sleepy ,but very sober ,learning efficiency is very high .But ,after class, still very clear, even to sleep before 20 minutes can be more than books. So ,this became every day I will insist on things .
So thus ,time and improve the efficiency of work along both lines .It all depends on the teacher ,and the seniors reminded ,however ,I think ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,the most important is their experience ,their own experience out of something ,use more handy.

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