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Five Mile River, in order to not forget the memorial

At 3 pm on February 12, 2007, this is a another all football fans fancier unforgettable, Chinese football powerhouse MMM five li river of Shenyang stadium in tears with millions of fans watching him,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, crashing down.
It is not only the fans left heart with deep hatred and resentment hurt, however it is more in my heart forever imprint is engraved on my heart. Indelible memory and remembrance! Late on October 6, 2006 (the night of the Mid-Autumn August fifteen),Adidas Jeremy Scott, Richie in five, opened the concert,Signs - Carter career retrospective original , I and a Yao went to school.
At that time, during the evaluation, management of very strict! I and a Yao risking life danger to " " Shenyang, just for see you again, listen to his voice,Jeremy Scott Adidas! I know, every song, whether it be for me or for Yao, has special meaning! Yao in her space wrote an article "concert", I like it very much! " eleven not leave, because experts school assessment, we to pretend to be study hard, let the experts are satisfied.
The Mid-Autumn Day and year after year to go to Shenyang to catch Richie Ren's concert. At four thirty in the morning bell called me up, know know know I out of the late king, but noThe thought of this year to give me a chance (details omitted) thanks at the train station, from 6: 08 to 6: 48 night, hehe.
To Shenyang to find my friend took the telescope, and to find her friends got tickets, set the room, eat Pizza Hut (here thank every year to give up her favorite iron plate to indulge my favorite boundless) according to the old rules, to Taiyuan street to street,Adidas Jeremy Scott, time tight 5 minute, Five Mile River stadium finally in sight,Rescue is not the euro dollar but oil that is, it bought two maximum number of fluorescent tube.
At seven thirty, I showed up on time, the audience suddenly boiling, I feel were normal, mild agitation; but next year I want to be completely insane. She braved the school strictly, see Richie is adventure for spot song "I just love the way you.
". This song is a has left her side but have to stay forever in her heart boys several years ago and she sings, the boy now and her best friend talking about getting married, and my dear year always feel to others to the card led the wine before it will love others.
Years in your life, there are too many unnecessary to all the ice is called &quot mm " ice cream;, can't stand &quOt " ice cream; the word; so it has so many beautiful clothes, shoes, small jewelry refused to yellow (except bananas are still eating); high streets and back lanes give you find almond honey, just to hand, Nivea not Mentholatum, too, for twenty years.
These are calculated, but the pair of Nike throw okay? You say you wear it to make you feel confident and full of strength. You can only wear in school, you can not take it home, you are afraid to go home in the street, encounter *, crisp brother, foot wear is still five years ago he gave you shoes, and he took your friends hand.
You said, he may not pay attention to your feet, maybe he didn't recognize you, forget you. First you eat, theme is *; first with your drink, the theme is *; first saw you drink too much, or because, well, really.
Years, throw it away him! " recently always inexplicable temper, I do not know, do not know why the recent so irritable! The mind is no day dark, night insomnia, although tired but can't sleep! Wake up every day are all very tired! Dream every night! I won't be nervous breakdown? Remember when one is my high school, this state,Then a check is a nervous breakdown, I was laughing at her,Jeremy Scott Adidas! Oh, turn yourself [em] E3 [/ em] last night and parents to play mahjong, the old lady has been in there muttering, I master my who also not looking, I and my master to play her.
Sir? Oh, it must wait, when she could have a master? To her daughter's mood. "[em] E13 [/ em] the beginning of a new year, I think I should have a new start! Five, no, I think this indicates that is it

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